About Us

Our Mission:

By focusing on research and development, Volanté Systems will continue to be a enterprise class, open platform and high quality point of sale solutions to the hospitality industry worldwide.

Volanté is dedicated in providing innovative software tools to keep customers ahead of their competitors.


Our History:

Founded in 1993, Toronto-based Tesorotech and Volanté Systems has been around for almost 20 years. That's almost twenty years' worth of innovation, of providing better solutions for our clients, of leaving yesterday's technology behind.

At Volanté we pride ourselves on our approach to the hospitality industry's enterprise and point-of-sale challenges. An approach that can, in the same breath, be regarded as 'renegade', 'heretical' and 'superior' to the discerning observer.

In fact, to declare the Volanté Enterprise POS architecture is 'disruptive technology', everyone at Volanté would probably nod...and smile.

After all, it's Java based, Multi-platform capable, Peer-to-peer based along with being stable, safe, and robust!



Volante Systems is always looking for people who are passionate about building good software. For more information on available positions please see our careers page .