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A Word from the President:

Tesoro Technologies Inc. is engaged in all aspects of the delivery of enterprise automation solutions for the global retail food and beverage, hospitality marketplace. Since its inception, the company has been focused exclusively on the retail hospitality industry, in ever expanding roles. Tesoro Technologies Inc. was formed in March of 1993 to address a niche in the marketplace for a fully integrated POS device.

Over the years, Tesoro’s business activities have grown to include retail software (hospitality and specialty soft and hard goods), hardware manufacturing, systems integration, network development, e-business consulting, staging and various implementation services. Through its focus on research and development, Tesoro has become an industry leader in the design, manufacture and integration of open platform, tier one, hospitality, POS solutions worldwide.

The Volanté Systems POS and Back-office solution represents a new standard in systems and data as a software developer, Tesoro believes it is important to deliver systems that can evolve over time as new application ideas and hardware devices come to the fore. However, technology is not limited to the introduction of new hardware or application feature sets alone, it is also related to new systems enabling technologies that result in the development of common technological infrastructure that can be delivered in an understandable, supportable and cost effective manner.

New technical capabilities, related to distributed object and network design philosophies, programming languages, operating environments and file handling systems etc., can all contribute to infrastructure standardization. Thus application systems can no longer be, simply, point-in-time products. Data will need to be handled in common ways in robust communication environments. Application systems will need to be built around open standards to keep both costs down and integration seamless. They will have to become cross-platform compatible and operate in mixed environments with the greatest of fault tolerance, data integrity, and do this as transparently as possible for the user. It is with this philosophy that Volanté Systems was designed.


Joseph A. Brisevac, MBA
President, Founder
Tesoro Technologies Inc. / Volante Systems



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