Bar POS Software & Nightclub POS Solutions

Bar POS Software Solutions

Volanté has superior operational capacity for handling the bar environment.

Bars are noisy, fast-paced environments where people want to relax as they enjoy beverages, appetizers and music. Bar patrons expect immediate, flawless service in order to keep the mood upbeat. Volanté Systems provides superior operational capacity for handling the bar environment order fulfillment.

Replace your old, slow software systems with the modern, rapid response, real-time bar POS system to help the servers, bartenders to satisfy customer demand. Most bars have daily or "happy hours" specials which can be programmed into the restaurant POS system.

Volanté Mobile App "Playt" can permit owners to aggregate data to determine customer dining habits to create appealing promotional specials, coupons and events. Bar patrons can use their mobile devices to view menus and place orders all through Volanté technology. The possibilities are endless.

When shifts change, employees can use the bar POS Labor Management tool for time, attendance and job configurations. Staff can be trained faster with this superior possoftware.

Success breeds hard work. Staff accountability will increase when they realize that Volanté Systems deliver verifiable statistics in real time. Venue profitability can be quickly calculated using the reports run by Volanté pos software. All will benefit from this great modern bar POS technology.

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