Institutional & Cafeteria POS Software Solutions

Cafeteria POS Software Solutions

We all know that education and long term care facilities are not alike.

But what they have in common is both need cost effective solutions that will deliver business results.

  • You continually have to "do more with less"
  • You are always striving for better controls on food and inventory
  • Both have unique meal plan requirements...

Volanté provides enterprise level capabilities, centrally managed controls, across the entire campus or facility with seamless integration between venues.

Volanté sophisticated architecture of Volanté enables free-flowing sharing of information, but with the highest levels of security. It contains a number of capabilities that help organizations integrate into their communities, by proving localized insights but also by leveraging technology and business best practices.

Case Study

University of British Columbia

"Lunch Time" is no longer "Crunch Time" at UBC ...Read More


Volanté enables consistent customer experience across a multi-venue, multi-facility organization. Tremendous efficiencies and insights occur. Detailed and shared information is centralized and analyzed. The key? Easy execution of these tasks facilitated by the elegant Volanté technology architecture.

The deep functionality and industrial-strength security features facilitate a highly compliant environment to assist in managing and monitoring to the highest standards.

Features and Benefits:

Even with the significant cost savings and flexibility delivered from Volanté for software, licenses, hardware and lower ongoing operational costs, clients can still count on:

  • Maintaining a single consistent repository of information
  • Maintaining and enforcing policies and procedures across multiple facilities
  • Maximizing efficiencies with common best business practices
  • Easily monitoring and managing compliance


For more information on Volante's POS Multi-Meal solution dedicated to schools, long-term care facilities, and corporate cafeterias click here