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Enterprise POS Software Solutions

Extremely powerful. Simple to use. Developed from the ground up.

Volanté System's POS solution puts power at your fingertips by way of its versatile architecture. Whether it be changing a restaurant menu item from head office, updating inventory levels for franchisees or reformatting the layout of corporate reports, Volanté offers an integrated, enterprise system designed to raise the level of your business practice.

Volanté's game-changing solution enables seamless upgrades (customization is provided via the use of plug ins) and easy integration and compatibility with most hardware, software and operating systems.

The benefits of the Volanté Enterprise Java-based technology include having a baseline that will not only streamline your operations, but to help you drive top-line revenue. And with Volanté, you choose your hardware and operating system. (Windows/Linux/Mac OS, or any combination thereof)

Volanté Enterprise is the optimal solution for:
  • Chains that are growing and need to automate
  • Large chains with multiple venues and locations
  • Mergers, as the software will run on virtually any hardware or operating system
  • Large destinations with multiple venues
  • Organizations that require customization and unique features

Volanté Enterprise has the lowest total Cost of Ownership of any POS system offering comparable features and functionality.

It provides choice to every facet of the POS lifecycle. On-demand reporting of captured detailed data featuring analytics means management can make more frequent and better decisions with greater confidence.


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With Volanté you can manage your software at an enterprise level allowing you to remotely control items such as menus, data, and prices for individual stores or the entire chain.

Volanté enterprise includes a number of integrated applications:
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • A fully featured Time and Attendance application
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • One-touch data backup
    • One-button centralized menu management across your chain
    • Kiosk support and integration
    • Robust gift card with Bounce-back coupon
    • Integrated capabilities commensurate with the demands of the hospitality industry
    • This user-friendly and customizable system is designed to grow with you

Volanté is feature-rich, grows with your business, and perhaps most importantly provides you unprecedented choice while protecting your investment.


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