POS Solutions forFood Service Management Companies

Volanté-Food service managementFood service management companies strive to ensure a consistent, positive customer experience across multiple venues or facilities. Volanté’s elegant and robust POS software was designed with this in mind, and ensures the effortless execution of food management service practices through:

  • Easy compliance management – Industrial-strength security features and deep security functionality in Volanté’s enterprise POS software facilitate an environment that lets you monitor your business to the highest standard.
  • Precise centralized information storage and analysis – Maintain a single, consistent repository of information where you can enforce policies and procedures across multiple facilities.
  • Unique, thorough meal plan and payment processing capabilities – Utilize Volanté’s comprehensive feature set for the most efficient system that will help every one of your locations process payments exceptionally smoothly.
  • Elaborate reporting engine – Generate the most detailed, up-to-date, accurate and easy to read reports through Volanté’s reporting features, that deliver the relevant, timely information you need to view. From broad statistics from across stores and regions, right down to specific employee sales between a time period for a certain menu item, Volanté’s reporting system allows managers to view the numbers that they need extremely efficiently.
Volanté Food Service POS

The Volanté enterprise POS software for food service management companies simplifies management duties, eliminating the need to use multiple programs to view attendance, perform menu changes, and generate detailed reports.