POS Solutions forInstitutional Cafeterias

Volanté Institutional cafeterias Institutional cafeterias are always striving for better controls on food and inventory, continually “have to do more with less”, and have unique meal plan requirements, which is why Volanté’s POS software solution is cost-effective, comprehensive, and tailored. With integration to weigh scales, interactive signage and displays, and dual lane capabilities, Volanté takes your cafeteria experience to the next level.

  • Customizable meal plans or declining balance accounts – Allow your customers to pre-purchase meals, incorporate up to four declining balance accounts (either by count or monetary amount), and monitor customer accounts through Volanté’s multi-meal and meal plan functions that are designed to ensure a quick and efficient process.
  • Simple and quick meal programming – Change your menus by the day, week, month or designated time period with Volanté’s POS solution customized for cafeteria settings.
  • Dual lane capabilities for an easy payment process – Two lanes can be supported by each Volanté POS station, meaning transactions can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your guests will spend less time in line, and more time enjoying their cafeteria experience.
Volanté Institutional Cafeteria POS

Volanté’s enterprise POS for institutional cafeterias provides a solution to common cafeteria management headaches while turning your customer’s meal time into an interactive, pleasant time of the day.