POS Solutions forRetirement and Senior Living Communities

Volanté retirement and senior livingWith a focus on resident profiles, meal plans, and easy integration of financials, Volanté is the optimum POS solution for retirement and senior living communities. Volanté has designed a point of sale and administration back office POS system that enables the user to track all transactions and activities associated with each individual resident.

  • Convenient cashless system – Volanté’s multi-meal software incorporates a cashless feature which authorizes the purchases of retail items, additional breakfast, lunch and dinners along with special activity programs and services offered at your retirement or senior living facility.
  • Comprehensive menu design – Users can create menus quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to spend more time with the residents and less time searching for items on the POS screen.
  • Clear and concise reporting – To aid in management decision making, Volanté’s extensive reporting capabilities allow managers clear insight into all aspects of business quickly and easily.
  • Detailed resident profiles – Avoid mistakes in identification and dietary requirements with Volanté’s POS system that includes a photo identification module to keep staff informed and up-to-date on allergies, special request notices, and special needs or assistance.
  • Efficient database connectivity – With the latest file handling technology, Volanté’s POS software is designed with scalability in mind. The Volanté database management system is fully ODBC and SQL compliant ensuring that third-party systems can easily integrate with Volanté. Flexible design gives the user the option of choosing the enterprise database server of choice. Consequently, with the advanced architectural design, coupled with its platform independence and open database flexibility, the user’s technological investment is protected now and well into the future.
Volanté Retirement and Senior Living Communities POS

Volanté’s POS software for retirement and senior living communities provides clear and confidential information to staff and family members, recognizes and determines meal plan eligibility and activity programs, creates enrollment records for residents, and tracks resident participation in programs. Ensure a stress-free and comfortable lifestyle for your retirement or senior living community residents with the help of Volanté.