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Linux POS

Volanté POS Systems fills a niche in a growing market

In a never ending battle to ease costs, many businesses today are looking at Linux as a server operating system. Issues such as cost and flexibility make Linux OS an attractive choice. However, just as many operators may be asking, what exactly is Linux anyway?

Wireless POS

Wireless Mobile Computing Increases Revenues

Hospitality leaders are no different than any anyone else in the fact that they want technology to help them increase revenues. But how can a wireless POS device help them achieve this? Wireless mobile computing can help in many ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Decreasing time spent during the order taking process, therefore increasing table turns
  • Increasing the productivity of serving staff, which translates into decreased labor costs
  • Decreasing food costs due to more accurate order taking and less waste
  • Allowing serving staff more time with customers and therefore increasing up-sell opportunities
  • Orders going into the kitchen are more evenly spaced, avoiding overwhelming the kitchen with too many orders at once

POS Solution

Volanté Systems offers a new POS solution for the hospitality and gaming industries, where the demand for complete reliability and security is critical

There's no question that a reliable POS (point of sale) system can benefit your business. Finding and implementing the right POS solution will not only allow you a tighter control on costs, but it can increase productivity as well. A smaller restaurant or lounge operation can purchase and install a system relatively easily. For larger, more complex venues, however, sourcing out a reliable, flexible and secure point of sale system presents a different challenge. For the hospitality and gaming industries in particular, finding a POS solution that provides complete reliability and security is critical.

Point of Sale

Volanté's POS software engine combined with NCR's RealPOS™ 70 terminals bring an aging cash register system into the 21st Century

Baycrest, a premier academic health sciences center focused on aging, provides care and service to approximately 2,000 people a day through the Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System. This system includes wellness programs, residential housing and outpatient clinics, to a 472-bed nursing home, and a 300 bed continuing care hospital facility. So when they saw that their cafeteria's aging cash register system was in dire need of a modern restaurant point of sale and back office software solution, they turned to Tesoro Technologies Inc.'s Volanté Systems and NCR to come to their aid.

Enterprise Software

Gone are the antiquated cash register systems of the past. Today, there are enterprise software solutions that can do it all - streamline operations, increase productivity, achieve significant cost savings and expand in new and creative ways as your business does. And they can offer up a few surprises, too.

It didn't seem so long ago that the only thing your business needed for processing payment was a simple cash register. Customers paid for purchases by either cash or check, and all accounting was done manually. The system worked well enough for most businesses, even if it was inefficient, tedious, and often inaccurate. For those who operated large and multi-venued operations, however, life wasn't always so easy and simple. Due to logistics and a host of other obstacles, businesses such as these were forced to be creative in how they coordinated the collection of cash and data.

Self Service Technology

Companies to co-develop and co-market the "uV Hospitality Solution", an end-to-end solution for the hospitality industry

uWink, Inc. (OTCBB: UWKI), an entertainment and hospitality software company with an interactive restaurant concept, and Volanté Systems, a leading hospitality technology provider, today announced that they will co-develop and co-market innovative self service technology solutions for the hospitality industry.