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VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL - Point of Sale for Schools & Corporate Cafeterias

VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL represents the next generation in Enterprise Hospitality POS management systems for school and corporate cafeterias.

Offering a new standard in systems and data management integration, Volantè assures a level of operational reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability second to none in the industry.

Simple to use, yet extremely powerful, Volante's versatile architecture puts power at your fingertips. Whether it be adding a client, changing a menu item from a central site or reformatting the layout of reports, Volantè’s engine gives users the flexibility to customize details to any specification

Peer-to-Peer Architecture

VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL was designed with peer-to-peer architecture providing the highest degree of security and fault tolerance. This topology allows for all terminals to be connected yet work independently (locally or district wide) ensuring continuous cafeteria operation even in the event of a network or host computer failure or both!

With Volante's advanced data synchronization capability, transactional consistency is maintained on all terminals at all times!! The result is maximum system availability.

Scalable and Flexible

Using the latest in database technology, VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL was designed with scalability in mind. Volante's database management system is fully ODBC and SQL compliant ensuring that third party systems can easily integrate with Volantè.

Furthermore, Volante's flexible design gives the user the option of choosing the enterprise database server of choice. Consequently, with Volante's advanced architectural design, coupled with its platform independence open database flexibility, the user's technological investment is protected now and well into the future.

With incomparable operational capability, a comprehensive feature set, powerful reporting abilities and superior fail-safe data redundancy and data synchronization management, Volante offers an integrated, enterprise wide system solution designed to raise the level of business practice.

National School Lunch Program Compliant

Developed in accordance with the Free and Reduced Lunch Program of The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), a federally assisted meal plan operating in public and non profit private schools and residential child care institutions.

VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL POS helps cafeterias to both streamline client throughput and provide nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day.

Enterprise Reports

VOLANTÉ MULTI-MEAL is not only easy to use for cashiers but for management as well. Reports can be generated at any time and at time intervals measured in minutes. Volantè’s intuitive graphical user interface leads operators through each step making it straight- forward for even the least literate computer users to feel comfortable with.


"We've had Volantè in place since 2005 and no data has ever been lost. I can't say the same thing for the old system"

- Sean Lee, IT Manager, University of British Columbia

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"Volante Multi-Meal meets the needs of not only our food services but also the needs of our students and the National School Lunch Program."

-Susan Davis, Food Service Director, Bangor Area School District

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Volantè Multi-Meal is the perfect point of sale software for Schoos and Corporate Cafetereias.
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