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Volanté Systems was founded in 1999 by a group of University of Waterloo Computer Science graduates. What began as a three-person basement project has developed into an industry leading POS system with a team of over 60 employees in its Toronto, Ontario based office. From the beginning, Volanté’s point of sale software has evolved based on customer requests and requirements, and has continuously demonstrated its ability to be flexible, scalable and reliable in the most rigorous and unpredictable environments across a diverse range of venues.

About Us - Volanté First Enterprise CustomerOur First Enterprise Customer

Volanté’s first enterprise customer, Woodbine Entertainment Group, is a multi-dimensional entertainment business. Responding to Woodbine’s needs, Volanté offered a peer-to-peer computing system that all terminals would continue operating even if the server connection was lost, which was ideal for the fast-paced Woodbine environment. The partnership has led to many integrations and customizations over the years, including liquor control management, valet parking, numerous customer reports and customized imports and exports. As evident by Woodbine’s continuing evolution, Volanté is not a point-in-time system. Businesses evolve and businesses grow, and so should the system that runs your business.

About Us - Volanté second enterprise customer - The University of British Columbia

Growing with Our Customers

The University of British Columbia, Volanté’s second enterprise customer, grew from its original 40 terminals to over 140 terminals. The philosophy of producing a software built around the customer’s needs has ensured that since its foundation, Volanté has not lost any of its enterprise customers and maintains strong positive relationships with its original customer base.


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Joseph Lee

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