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Advanced Business Intelligence

Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing every decision you make is backed by reliable real-time POS data.

Analytics Dashboard Visualization

Insights to Drive Your Business Forward

Now get actionable insights to help you better manage your margins, and increase your revenue and profit.

Ask questions and get immediate answers with clear and concise charts and graphs – from anywhere, anytime. Navigate, filter, categorize and visualize your data with our powerful technology that displays customer buying behavior, business performance, and inventory management.

Advanced Business Intelligence

The Benefits

Predictive Analytics

That Increase Speed and Accuracy of Operations with vice recognition. scheduled exports, and inventory pattern detection.

Automated Alerts

Protect your margins with Volanté alerts, triggers, and warnings. Enable notifications straight to mobile devices.

Robust Platform

Integrate with multiple data sources and APIs while Volanté synchronizes your data. Utilized personalized widgets for KPI tracking.

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Personalized Dashboards That Cater to Your Team

Unlock actionable insights and make informed decisions with our advanced Business Intelligence solution. Our platform offers personalized and unified dashboards, custom queries, powerful filters, drill-down tools, and robust employee permissions. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our BI features for data-driven success. 

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Advanced Business Intelligence

The Benefits

Leverage detailed centralized dashboards

Capture customizable data

Effectively manage inventory

Enable automated alerts

Maximize data security

Predict purchasing patterns

Gain competitive advantage

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