Digital Ordering Options Empower Senior Living Residents

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Unleash the Convenience of Digital Ordering for Your Community

As technology advances, senior living communities are being urged to embrace online solutions to improve services and increase occupancy rates such as digital ordering. In senior living, food service specifically plays a vital role in keeping residents satisfied. Mobile ordering apps are one convenient and effective solution to streamline the process.

Volanté, a leading provider of enterprise-level management point-of-sale software, offers a comprehensive digital ordering system that works in tandem with its POS system. Implementing a sustainable and efficient ordering system in busy senior living communities can be challenging. However, a reliable and user-friendly system can foster a positive relationship between technology and residents, making the pay-off worth it.

 Senior Living Innovation Forum highlights the importance of digital transformation within senior living communities, and Volanté’s digital ordering system is an excellent step to facilitate this transformation.

Favorite Meals Right At Their Door With Digital Ordering

Volanté Eats can be used as a room service platform that provides reliable, user-friendly, and flexible delivery options for senior living residents. The software can promote new menu items and options that cater to various dietary restrictions, and delivery is swift and at the perfect temperature. If your senior living community already implements room service, Volanté Eats can assist in streamlining the process.

The software enables residents to place orders in advance through a browser or app, and they have the option of choosing pick-up, delivery, or room service. The opportunities for easy flexible meal service are endless. Residents can pay at their fingertips with an easy-to-use checkout experience – either with their credit card or resident account through meal plans, declining balance, inclining balance or a simple room charge.

Maneuver Through a Seamless Platform

Volanté’s digital ordering system for senior living communities provides benefits not only for residents but also for operators. With this software, operators can track orders and financials in real-time, making the process more efficient. They can easily manage menus and prices and monitor sales data through the Volanté Eats system.

Additionally, Volanté’s mobile ordering app offers a contactless option that promotes safety and reduces the risk of illness for residents. The pandemic has emphasized the importance of digital solutions in senior living communities, and Volanté’s system offers a complete online ordering solution.

Discover Digital Ordering for Enterprises

The integration of Volanté’s digital ordering system in senior living communities offers a seamless and efficient solution for meal management. A user-friendly interface, real-time tracking capabilities, and contactless options make Volanté Eats a valuable service for both residents and operators. By taking advantage of this technology, senior living communities can improve overall satisfaction and promote a positive relationship between technology and seniors.

In conclusion, embracing digital solutions can improve the quality of life for residents in senior living communities. Volanté’s digital ordering system is an excellent solution to streamline the online ordering process, providing reliable, user-friendly, and flexible delivery options. The benefits of this technology for both residents and operators make it an essential tool for senior living communities looking to improve their services and overall satisfaction.

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