Supporting Healthcare Workers With Retail Dining Solutions

Healthcare workers in hospital eating their meal during a work break.

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Accessible Meal Choices for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers demonstrate unwavering dedication, often transitioning between day and night shifts to ensure every patient receives optimal care. However, amidst their demanding schedules, having a sufficient break is important. Highlighting this issue, a 2023 Tebra survey found that 7 in 10 healthcare workers described their workload as untenable, with many exceeding average weekly hours, significantly impacting their work-life balance. This shows the importance of supporting healthy habits, such as maintaining proper nutrition during work hours. As dining operators, we recognize our role in creating environments that promote the well-being of our professionals. 

Volanté addresses this critical need with secure solutions, leveraging robust point-of-sale technology tailored for hospital retail dining spaces and cafeterias.

Offering Technology Solutions to Over 4,000 Hospitals and Health Systems

Volanté proudly announces its collaboration with Premier Inc., the largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the United States, as a Premier Supplier. This allows us to offer our advanced technology solutions to operators nationwide through Premier’s extensive network, which serves over 4,000 hospitals and health systems. As a Premier Supplier, Volanté Systems is committed to enhancing efficiency and reliability in healthcare retail operations, streamlining processes, and enriching employee experiences with its industry-leading foodservice point-of-sale solutions.

Micro Markets: Enhancing Revenue and Convenience

Explore the potential of micro markets to transform unstaffed retail environments within hospitals. These innovative setups integrate advanced technology to provide round-the-clock access to fresh food, seamless payments, and effortless checkout processes. By introducing self-checkout options such as self-service kiosks alongside secure badge payments and mobile ordering, micro markets streamline transactions and create an automated, contactless dining experience. This improves convenience and supports the well-being of staff by offering quick, accessible refreshment options during demanding shifts.

Volanté’s Role in Efficient Healthcare

Volanté has established itself as an industry-leader by offering innovative and efficient point-of-sale (POS) solutions specifically curated for hospitals. Our systems are meticulously designed to streamline operations, reduce wait times, and elevate the overall dining experience for staff and visitors. Featuring rapid transaction processing, detailed reporting capabilities, and customizable interfaces, Volanté’s technology ensures that employees can maximize their break times in cafeterias without unnecessary delays.

Through our strategic collaboration with Premier Inc., Volanté is positioned to impact the industry, driving improvements in operational delivery and enhancing employee satisfaction. For more information about Volanté’s healthcare offerings and our role as a Premier Inc. supplier, please visit our press release and healthcare solutions page.

Volante Point of Sale Tablet with operator interaction

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Volante Point of Sale Tablet with operator interaction

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