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Volanté knows what matters to stadium, event complex, amusement park and attraction operators. Keeping lines short, accurate reports on inventory management and clear insights across all events is critical to the success of your venue, are all enabled by Volanté’s Enterprise stadium module.

  • Avoid interruptions in service due to lack of Wi-Fi – Volanté knows that you need a reliable POS system that will not fail you in unpredictable environments. For you, this means no stress and no profit loss from interruptions to your business regardless of present Wi-Fi connection .
  • Effortlessly move wireless terminals between venues and repopulate menus within a second to meet or anticipate volume changes. We know that things change quickly in event settings, and Volanté is designed to adapt to quick adjustments in staffing, events, or menus.
  • For suites, concessions, kiosks, or bars, Volanté’s POS solution provides the answer to every service environment that your stadium may provide, while allowing each POS tablet or terminal to act as a backup for the entire network.
  • Day-pass ticketing, wireless mobile computing, and wristband systems are all easy to use with Volanté. We provide the total event experience.

POS Solutions for your Stadium

Create a unified and simplified POS environment across your stadium by consolidating a variety of POS technologies under the umbrella of one integrated system. Unlock your full potential with software that streamlines your operations and addresses all of your hospitality service requirements.

A Leader in Stadium POS Systems

Order wherever you are, from your own device, with Volanté’s web and mobile ordering solutions. Orders can be prepped for pick-up or delivery based on your operational needs and can include a limited menu or your full range of delicious options.

Serve the Stands with Enterprise Mobile Tablet POS

Enhance productivity and improve your bottom line with portable POS. Volanté’s Enterprise Tablet POS solutions deliver direct results for convenient ordering and checkout technology in the stands. The versatile and compact tablet design serves as both a handheld device and a countertop POS when paired with the Docking Station accessory. The mobile application is ideal for serving customers right where they are – whether they are sitting at a table, in the stadium bleachers, or in a lounge.

The transition to mobile is seamless. No additional training is necessary, as Volanté’s enterprise POS software looks and operates uniformly across all hardware platforms.

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Expedite Ordering with Self Serve Kiosks

Empower your customers, simplify ordering, and reduce wait times. Volanté’s cutting-edge kiosks are perfect for high-traffic venues like stadiums and arenas. Give your customers an improved user experience, with exceptional ease of navigation that will ensure they receiv e exactly what they want. Accelerate your business to the next level by taking more orders and improving customer satisfaction.

For more information, download our Kiosk package below:

Command the Counter with Cashier POS Systems

Deliver unprecedented speed of service in your venue’s concession stands, bars, and restaurants with Countertop POS terminals that never miss a beat – even when the server is down. Volanté’s Cashier POS system is built to handle high-volume environments under the most demanding conditions, ensuring that your operations continue to run smoothly. Satisfy the appetites of your patrons with scalable, high-capacity solutions.

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