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Digital Ordering
Built for Enterprises

Volanté Eats is the digital ordering system for your on-the-go customers.

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User-Friendly Digital Ordering

Expand Your Point of Sale

This user-friendly digital ordering system is convenient for your on-the-go customers. Accessible via app or web-browser, customers can order in advance exactly what they want, when, and where they want it; no need to wait in line.

Volanté Eats

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

You have complete control over the online menu as well as the ability to add your own branding assets. Volanté Eats integrates the physical and online customer experience and provides payment options, ordering options, loyalty offerings, pickup options, and location awareness via sensor technology to boost your customer satisfaction.


Step Out of Line

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Volante Eats

Working in tandem with Volanté POS Software, the system syncs with your menu to pull and update pricing automatically. You have complete control over the online menu and the ability to add your own branding assets.

An all-in-one system, the Volanté Advanced Business Intelligence dashboard allows you to access all the POS data such as buying behavior, business performance, and inventory management, all in real time.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Volanté Eats


With pickup and delivery options, there is no waiting in line. Simply open the app, select your order, and checkout.


The advanced order scheduling feature ensures that patrons can have their favorite meal ready for them on a regular basis.


Volanté Eats saves badge and credit card information on file, so patrons have complete control over the payment process.

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Order for Delivery or Pick-Up

Shorten Your Lines

Perfect for campuses or multi-building corporate offices, customers can order from menus outside of where they are and get food delivered or set pick-up in a communal location.

Scalable, Customizable POS Solutions

Your Technology Partner

Priorities and needs change. As your business grows and evolves, our POS solutions will with you. Volante is your technology partner with 24/7 IT Support and a team ready to help at any stage.