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Volanté - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a cloud solution as well as an on-premise solution. Our cloud solution is on Google’s Kubernete Cloud Orchestration platform which makes it one of the most robust solutions out there!

Yes, we offer reports in real time. Reports can be accessed through a web browser. We also make custom reports and we can email them to you based on a schedule.

Yes, our normal support hours are Monday to Friday 6:00am EST to 7:00pm EST, but we have a minimum of 3 live agents scheduled between Monday to Friday 7:00pm EST to 6:00am EST and all day Saturday and Sunday for emergency after hours.

Yes, our system is designed to operate in full standalone mode regardless of internet or network.

We support Linux and Windows operating systems.

No, we use a true peer-to-peer distributed computing model. This means that all our terminals operate independently of each other and are master terminals themselves.

Yes, we offer a true enterprise system, so you can easily manage reporting for hundreds of locations!