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Support multiple meal plans, implement PCI-compliance and P2PE of credit cards, and drive student engagement with web and mobile ordering.

Volanté’s enterprise POS software includes powerful Back Office access that enables robust multi-tiered system management and comprehensive reporting infrastructure, allowing you to monitor your business to the most detailed level.

Centralized Menu Management provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor menu configurations, securities, screens, and promotions across multiple facilities from a single repository. Data can be accessed in real-time to ensure the visibility of everything from single transactions to sales summaries, at local terminals and storewide, and from a single store to multiple chains.

Industrial-strength security features and deep security functionality ensure simplified compliance management. Volanté terminals offer point-to-point encryption as an added layer of privacy. Furthermore, Volanté is a P2PE, PCI compliant solution that adheres to the industry’s most stringent security requirements of food service management.

No need for third-party integration – Volanté’s native meal plan management solution and payroll deduction system can support any accounting/finance system in the market. Enhance customer loyalty by allowing frequent diners to pre-load their accounts and spend as they please with unparalleled efficiency.

The cost of gaining a new customer is significantly more than retaining an old one. Volanté’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies facilitate the successful retention of loyal customers with user-friendly systems and support for incentive programs to keep them coming back.

From broad statistics across stores and regions down to specific employee sales between a time period for a certain menu item, Volanté’s reporting system allows managers to obtain the analytics they need, generating the most versatile, detailed, advanced, accurate, and easy-to-read reports. Effortlessly export and feed data to any existing business insight, artificial intelligence, or analytics tool.


POS Solutions to Improve Higher Education Campuses

The Volanté enterprise POS software for higher education simplifies management duties, eliminating the need to use multiple programs to view attendance, perform menu changes, and generate detailed reports.

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Some of our amazing food-service partners include the University of British Columbia, McGill University, uOttawa, the University of Washington, and the University of Pennsylvania.
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Speed up your School Cafeteria with the Self-Ordering Solution

<p>Save your students from long cafeteria queues and empower them to order independently with Volanté’s cutting-edge Self-Serve Kiosk solution. Accelerate your business to the next level by taking more orders and improving customer satisfaction. Volanté’s higher education solution is perfect for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, with exceptional ease of navigation that will improve user experience, simplify ordering, and reduce wait times. <br><br> For more information, download our Kiosk package below:</p>
Volanté Hardware - Point of Sale Terminal

Manage the Lunch Rush with the Cashier POS Systems

<p>Satisfy the appetites of your students with a scalable, high-capacity solution. Volanté’s Cashier POS system is built to handle high-volume environments under the most demanding conditions, ensuring that your cafeteria continues to run smoothly. Even if the Internet goes down, the easy-to-use interface provides intuitive navigation and colorful menu screen buttons that can be easily programmed to enable combos and specials for your cafeteria. Boost your business with configurable up-sell prompting to encourage cashiers to promote drinks and side orders. <br><br> For more information, download our POS Brochure package below:

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