POS Solutions forHealthcare and Hospitals

Whether your hospital has one or one-hundred cafeterias and cafés, Volanté is fully equipped to be your all-inclusive POS software system that can incorporate weigh scales, meal plan and declining balance accounts, discounts, and an infinite number of menu items or meal plan programs. Volanté’s POS system designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities also focuses on:

  • Multiple integrations improving your customer experience – Increase your cafeteria’s atmosphere with visual displays and weigh scales provided by Volanté. These displays can help you highlight slow-moving items and encourage up-selling, meaning less waste and increased profits.
  • Extensive account management, such as payroll deduct, meal plans, and employee discounts – Allow your employees to swipe their pre-loaded employee badges to pay for meals, incorporate declining balance accounts, or provide levels of employees with individual discounts.
  • Elaborate reporting engine – Generate the most detailed, up-to-date, accurate and easy to read reports through Volanté’s reporting features that deliver the relevant, timely information you need to view broad statistics from across individual cafés, down to individual POS terminals.

When it comes to Hospital and Healthcare POS solutions, Volanté’s software leaves no detail behind, creating the most efficient hospital cafeteria or café experience that ultimately increases revenue.