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Quick Service POS / Table Service Restaurants & Franchises

The modern restaurant industry is highly competitive, requiring franchises to deliver the best food, fastest service, and an unparalleled experience in order to maintain and expand business. Volanté’s enterprise POS software provides quick service, bar, and table service restaurants with a POS solution that maximizes the customer experience, is extremely user friendly, reduces waste and ultimately – increases profits.

Volanté’s point of sale technology for QSR and table service restaurants dramatically improves customer service through:

Efficient Menu Organization
Find the meals and drinks that you are looking for more quickly, leading to faster delivery, through your entirely customizable menu setup that is easy to navigate. Create combos and configure discounts that encourage daily or weekly promotions, helping you highlight and upsell items that may be slow-moving and reducing waste.

Effortless Table Management 
Customize your floor plans, reduce errors in food delivery through the use of seat numbers, split checks by seat or item, and access detailed table information in real-time status to ensure an orderly seating system. Volanté wants your restaurant to remain organized at all times – and is designed to ensure this happens.

Comprehensive Labour Tracking
Log and report on employee time and attendance, assign multiple job positions to any employee, and easily customize user securities with Volanté’s labour management functions. Integrate your labour tracking with payroll systems for the most efficient management process.

Detailed Payment Functionalities
With unlimited payment and tax types, multiple currencies and languages, and full fine dine, fast casual and QSR compliance, Volanté allows franchises to easily adapt their financials from location to location, with no limit on scalability.

Loyalty Features
Volanté wants your customers to return as much as you do and contains gift card and loyalty functions to encourage customer retention.

Volanté Quick service POS

The Volanté enterprise POS solution for QSR and table service franchises ensures you spend less time facing a screen – and more time facing your customers.