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6 Ways to Keep Your Community Connected

The senior living experience continues to make progress concerning monitoring, reporting, and tailoring health and services. The senior hospitality industry has responded to the demand for an interconnected ecosystem, offering families peace of mind – even at a distance.


Mobile Tablets enable you to conveniently serve residents wherever they are. Engage your users, as they scroll through visually appealing menus, pictures, and customizable options with their server. At the touch of a button, requests are communicated to the kitchen.

Resident Profiles

Online profiles with photo identification address the individual need for personalization and customization. Profiles manage allergies, food preferences, dietary restrictions, special requests, and eating patterns – benefiting the user, the family and food service providers.


Resident alerts provide real-time remote updates to staff and family members, such as non-consumption, inactivity, and participation, while optimizing operational efficiency.

Enterprise Management

Centralized management provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor menu configurations, securities, financials, and resident profiles across multiple facilities from one head office.

Detailed Reporting

Real-time reporting capabilities allow managers clear insight into all aspect of business quickly and easily. Managers can obtain the information they need from broad statistics across locations, right down to individual resident’s records.

Reliable Technology

Choosing only the most intuitive and highly reliable POS system ensures your operations are running smoothly, so staff spends less time facing a screen and more time with your residents.

Did You Know?

Independence of diners in the foodservice process has been shown to dramatically increase overall satisfaction. Enhance your residents’ experience with empowering and interactive solutions.

Keep your community connected.