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Senior Living: Enhancing Resident Experience with the Power of POS

The New Senior Citizen: The Digital Citizen

The senior living experience continues to make progress concerning monitoring, reporting, and tailoring health and services. The senior hospitality industry has responded to the demand for an interconnected ecosystem with the implementation of senior living POS, offering families peace of mind – even at a distance. POS enables the intimate monitoring of all things health and wellbeing. A direct response to patient struggles with memory, mobility, and diet, senior living POS provides real-time remote updates to staff and family members while optimizing operational efficiency.

The dining room experience remains one of the most important amenities to residents. Self-Serve Kiosks and Tablets taking over restaurant dining have proven their place in senior living communities. Diners value personalization and accuracy, while tracking and inventory are crucial to management. Meeting the daily dining needs of residents has a direct correlation to patient well-being. Suppressed appetites, dietary restrictions, and memory loss all contribute to the need for a resident-centered food experience. Beyond collecting data, senior living POS becomes a tool for improving business performance and building customer satisfaction.

Volanté’s single and convenient RFID bracelet or badge key provides a smart and ergonomic solution for dining, services, activities, and retail. Online profiles with photo identification address the individual need for personalization and customization. Profiles manage allergies, food preferences, dietary restrictions, special requests, and eating pattern – benefiting the user, the family, and foodservice providers. The integrated POS system addresses resident eating habits and nutritional needs, helping to avoid health complications and improving overall satisfaction. User-friendly menu design means facility staff can create menus quickly and effortlessly, opening up more time to engage with the residents. Senior living POS delivers efficiency, saves time, and affords control over food options. Beyond the cafeteria, the POS monitors activities and involvements, notifying family members in real-time. Volanté’s multi-meal management software incorporates a convenient cashless feature which authorizes the purchases of retail items, spa services, along with special activity programs and meals.

Senior Living POS & Partners

Changing the standard of senior living – communities combine foodservice hospitality with POS operations

Volanté is proud to lead the pack in retirement POS solutions for senior living communities. Our commitment to ease-of-use and accessibility not only enhances resident experiences but tackles a heavy burden, facilitating the opportunity to stay connected, close, and confident in senior hospitality. Volanté’s fully connected system of seamless transactions, convenience, purchasing, alerts, detailed reporting, and hardware access enriches the community experience.

The hospitality landscape is shifting, centering on digital and personal. According to the Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, managers and operators of retirement communities are beginning to appreciate the power of service and food quality in affecting resident satisfaction and behavioral intention. To maintain a competitive advantage in the changing market of senior hospitality, offering remarkable choices in dining through innovative services remains a top priority.

Juniper, Tapestry, and Diakon are among many communities that have found success in POS implementation. Working closely with Morrison and Volanté Systems, Diakon offers chef-prepared dining tailored to tastes, preferences, and dietary needs. Formal and casual restaurant style services are paired with in-room dining, facilitated through mobile tablet POS, self-serve kiosks, and cashier POS systems.

Thanks to Volanté, Juniper Communities now has an all-encompassing POS system that benefits both employees, residents, and the synergies between them. Quality of food service, integrations improving customer experience, extensive account management, and elaborate reporting are some of the positive outcomes that have come with this switch. More senior living facilities are taking the leap towards cost-saving, waste-reducing, and highly-rated dining experience through senior living POS.

Restobiz, Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice News, argues that changes in food services must address the needs of retiring boomers. According to StatCan, 5,000 Canadian Boomers are retiring each week, representing 285,000 annually over the next seven or eight years. “Boomers living in retirement homes don’t want to alter their lifestyle because of where they live, and they are pushing retirement communities to step up their food game because they have the purchasing power to match their demands,” says writer Divakar Raju.

Senior Living POS systems provide in-room service, online and mobile ordering, and tableside ordering, creating a convenience that cannot be matched. Cashless POS systems, meals plan CRM, and room charges allow for seamless transactions, mimicking the hotel experience.

To exceed expectations, you have to have the right resources in place. For Morrison, it’s accessing the latest tools and resources in industry that translate into improved communication, efficiency and measurable outcomes. From interactive dining kiosks to smartphone apps, engagement is key to bringing our dining to life.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Volanté’s management infrastructure features extensive real-time reporting with remote Cloud access. Centralized management enables operational insights across multiple facilities. Broad or narrow statistics can be instantly accessed to generate versatile, comprehensive, accurate, easy-to-read reports to guide future decision making. Volanté’s senior living POS monitors menu configurations and manages securities, residents’ profiles, and financials, efficiently granting managers clear insight into all aspects of business. While staff monitor resident activity to improve service and reduce waits, family members can optimize the user-friendly interface to check account status, past transactions, and reload funds.

Embracing Change: Self-Serve Kiosks

Resident-centered food experience plays a substantive role in increasing overall satisfaction. The independence of diners in the foodservice process is a top consideration in senior living communities. The Self-Serve Kiosk provides an empowering and interactive solution in enhancing resident experience. The consistency, accuracy, and ease-of-use of this touchscreen device enable an increased quantity of orders paired with reduced overall wait times. Volanté’s badge key enables residents to effortlessly make transactions, get or send alerts, and request in-room service or online orders.

Tablets Offer In-Room Ordering

Portable Mobile Tablet POS facilitate in-room ordering. Wireless tablets provide convenience to staff and residents, offering service outside cafeteria dining. Whether lounging or in-room, the touch of a button sends customizable requests straight to the kitchen. Food delivery is accurate and efficient, followed by reduced waste and cost. Volanté’s ultra-sleek tablet introduces a finer dining experience, while logging purchases in a Cloud-based CRM for simplified resident activity tracking, future menu planning and managing inventory. Residents can enjoy meals throughout the day personalized to their taste and eating habits. Whether residents are unable to attend dining services, or their preference is to eat in their room, mobile tablets provide individual-centered care.

Senior Living POS – the Volanté Advantage

Complete Community Integration

Senior living communities recognize the importance of satisfying dining and independent living needs. Volanté’s POS Solutions for Retirement and Senior Living provide clear and confidential information to facility staff and family members while optimizing operational efficiency in hospitality services. Volanté’s Retirement POS software is designed with scalability in mind, addressing expansion needs and accessibility throughout facilities.

Designed to meet the unique needs of Senior Care, the POS system recognizes meal plan eligibility, creates enrollment records for residents, and tracks resident participation in programs. Ensure a stress-free and comfortable lifestyle for your community residents with the help of Volanté.

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