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University of British Columbia Enterprise POS

Volanté Enterprise POS Solution for The University of British Columbia

About University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia (UBC) is Canada’s second largest university, with over 50,000 students on a 402 hectare (1.5 sq mi) campus. Surrounded by ocean, snow and capped mountains, the campus has stunning views from numerous vantage points. Spending a day on its campus is like visiting a small city! UBC boasts dozens of food and beverage and retail venues; to meet UBC’s complex technological requirements, a powerful system was needed that would effectively support the campus’ numerous venues.

The need for a flexible system
UBC required an efficient and flexible management enterprise POS system that could streamline operations. The university had various technologies and POS systems that were not reliable, with little to no interoperability, and inefficiency in terms of data reporting, and delays in processing payments. Employee errors were often missed, because data management was poor. UBC found it challenging to accommodate its complicated meal plans with the existing software.

The goal was to implement one software system that could help save money and generate revenue, while effectively managing the school’s numerous residence meal plans at the same time. The point-of-sale system needed to be reliable and functional in real-time.

System reliability was also a concern; processing 2,500 students in an hour and a half would cause database overload. There used to be a lot of hiccups. Not with Volanté Enterprise POS.

Sean Lee

IT Manager at UBC

Our robust solution

Volanté Enterprise POS was built around the UBC student card, mixing Windows / Linux topologies, and accommodating both wired and wireless solutions. Since the beginning of Volanté’s implementation at UBC, the POS solution has had meal plans implemented in over fifty restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, retail shops on campus, allowing for mass cross-marketing. It features:

  • Encapsulated student information tracking
  • Multiple meal planning (free, reduced or any combination thereof)
  • Access card usage, club member, gift card and reward points tracking (individual, family and team), through a full featured POS and BackOffice solution, that includes integrated and centralized menu management and planning.
  • Integrated scale usage at POS
  • Credit/Debit Card authorization
  • Recipe costing
  • Inventory control
  • Kitchen display
  • Beverage monitoring

A powerful transformation

As a result of integrating with Volante’s Enterprise POS solutions, UBC’s processes have revolutionized with advancements in reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

Error Reduction:

Volante’s reliability shows through its robust error reduction features. Several employee errors have been identified which has, in turn, helped resolve the root cause of training issues. Volante’s solution compiles precise data on demand, making it simple to spot employee errors such as discrepancies in customer balances, as well as helping managers to study common mistakes made by their employees, to alter training procedures accordingly, for best work. Volante’s integrated debit and credit feature has increased productivity by processing payments in a matter of seconds, drastically reducing errors, resulting in more accurate daily totals.

We’ve had Volanté in place for over 5 years and no data has ever been lost.

Sean Lee

IT Manager at UBC

Enhanced Efficiency:

Volante’s solutions have reduced potential errors, and increased the efficiency of UBC’s processes. By monetizing ID cards that are already in place, UBC is able to manage its residence Meal Plan program more effectively. Now students can simply swipe their ID cards to pay for meals in UBC’s numerous food and beverage venues. This system is highly efficient, and a state of the art technological solution for managing meal plans, greatly supporting meal tracking, planning and ordering, to help food shrinkage and waste. Best sellers can also be identified at any time of day, as well as items that aren’t selling. Food can be prepared much more efficiently and menus can be updated on the fly. Volanté Enterprise allows IT staff to respond to problems quickly and efficiently, considering the campus’ size, logistics of linking numerous venues, and using the devices for special promotions and line busting. The enhanced integration creates more opportunities, while alleviating potential headaches.

Volanté has helped tremendously – everything is on demand and in real time. This is a big deal to us. Synchronization is done every fifteen minutes. And with Volanté, you can see all your POS terminals at once. When one goes down, you can see it right away, you don’t have to wait for the call.

Sean Lee

IT Manager at UBC

Profit Growth:

Volante’s cutting-edge Enterprise POS payment features have enhanced profitability at all levels. With our innovative technology, UBC’s Student ID cards are now monetized, allowing students to add funds to their ID cards at any POS terminal and increasing buying potential. Volante also integrated Gift Cards which drastically increased revenue. Prior to this, UBC had been using paper vouchers for gift certificates, which made tracking inefficient and difficult. Now, gift cards can be used with ease by students, faculty, as well visitors such as Conference delegates. Purchases are also no longer limited to food and beverages as ID cards and Gift Cards can now be used in UBC’s retail outlets, this has opened new sources of income for UBC. Expenses have also been reduced by eliminating the need for having multiple support contracts from outside vendors. UBC has been able to maximize revenue and reduce costs by implementing Volante’s powerful POS solutions.

It was Volanté’s flexibility that sealed the deal.

Sean Lee

IT Manager at UBC


Volante offers cutting edge POS solutions that help institutions like UBC unlock their full potential. Our software is customized to meet your personal needs, and we are determined to help you reduce errors, and create efficient and profitable solutions. Volante has the POS solution for you.

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