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Evraz Place – Where the Experience is Everything

Bringing World-Class Technology Solutions to One of Canada’s Most Iconic Event Complexes

Across the dry, quiet plains of Saskatchewan, there is a 102-acre complex that is home to roaring sports games, stimulating conferences, and delicious dining experiences. Mosaic Stadium, part of the Evraz Place, is also the proud home of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Since operations began  in spring 2017, the 102-acre sports complex and exhibition grounds have been home to the majority of Regina’s major events, including concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, trade shows and football games. 

Mosaic Stadium delivers an incredible event experience with a wide range of concessions and hospitality offerings, including a general admission lounge and premium suites for corporate partners. Coupled with the brand new, state-of-the-art construction of the stadium, was the need for technology infrastructure and tools that could keep up.

The Need for Scalable Solutions

Mosaic Stadium goes far beyond the realm of sports, offering lounges and suites for corporate meetings, receptions, luncheons, and galas. Implementing a POS system that could handle the multi-purpose event space was critical to organizational and operational success. With over 300 events per year, an innovative, centralized POS became a necessity to save time and money, while preparing for future growth.

With the capacity to host multiple events per day, it’s clear why event tracking remains a top priority for Mosaic. The stadium called for a POS system with the ability to assess sales from various events at a high frequency, with stability to properly manage concurrent events across their 375 POS terminals and dozens of profit centers. Volanté, with its Enterprise architecture and unique Linux-based platform, makes the perfect partner for Evraz Place’s complex needs.

Zero Downtime

When it comes to transaction processing, stadiums and event complexes are some of the highest-volume environments in the food service industry. The ability to process dozens of transactions per second is a necessity in concession environments. Volanté’s architecture – with peer-to-peer technology on Linux-based terminals – handle these high-volume environments with ease, helping the fans at Mosaic Stadium get back to their seats more quickly and more satisfied with their concession experience.

No Connectivity? No Issue

Collectively, event complexes commonly face challenges with inconsistent or unreliable networking. The stress associated with lost transactions or potential downtime of technology as a result of network issues can negatively impact the guest experience. As a result, Volanté’s point-of-sale has been specifically designed to operate seamlessly regardless of network or internet connectivity – ensuring that there is no disruption to operations at any time.

The Volanté Difference

Teamwork and collaboration are key at the events that Evraz hosts – but are also critical from a technology perspective. Volanté incorporates best-in-class partnerships to fulfill a streamlined, complete solution for the entire event complex.

To fulfill the requirement of a robust inventory tracking system, the TracRite Optimum Control was deployed. This solution enabled Mosaic Stadium and Evraz Place to realize significant savings on food and bar inventory management, ultimately increasing profitability and productivity.

Mobile concession POS units provided versatility. Online ordering was implemented for suites to pre-order, expediting and streamlining services. By implementing these tools, the technology experience comes full circle, and provides a best-in-class experience for guests while ensuring operators have complete insights into their operations.

As one of Volanté’s largest complexes, Evraz Place continues to thrive with its state-of-the-art technology solution. Following a 10-month long sales bid and a three-phase implementation in 2017, the Volanté and Evraz partnership remains a strong one. 

By pairing our stadium-grade technology with exceptional support, we continue to ensure that stadium and event complex operators have a solution that turns the guest experience into an unforgettable one.

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