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Gift Cards: A Key to Customer Loyalty

Gift-giving season is here. This is an ideal time to revisit the implementation and use of gift cards in your food service facility. From restaurants to cafeterias, gift cards can be used in all types of dining venues and provide immense value. 


Here are some great reasons to stock up on gift cards this holiday season:


1. Gift cards drive customer loyalty, encourage return visits and promote your brand.


A gift card purchase is a promise of future business. When someone purchases a gift card to your food service venue, they’re essentially recommending a return visit – whether it’s for themselves or for a friend or family member. Customizing the look and feel of your gift cards to reflect your logos and messaging also helps to build brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness. 


2. Gift cards provide immediate revenue for your business.


When a customer purchases a gift card from your operation, you are immediately collecting revenue from that gift card whether they pay by cash, credit, or debit card. “According to Bankrate, 51 percent of U.S. adults have unused gift cards,” and there are billions of dollars in unused gift cards floating around at any given time. When gift cards are redeemed, they fall into your reporting as a payment method, but the revenue for the card would already have been accounted for during the sale.


3. Gift cards boost average spend and 33% of consumers reload their cards.


According to Fiserv, over 80% of consumers with a gift card spend more than the value of their card at food service establishments including both fine dining and quick service restaurants). This means you’re earning additional sales on top of the initial gift card sale. 


When people reload their gift cards, your promise of future business continues to grow. There’s also the added advantage of being able to track and monitor gift card balances from afar, so as an operator you are always aware of balances that remain to be redeemed.


4. Gift cards can be physical or digital – so they’re easy to send and use


Gift card adoption is now easier than ever, with options to purchase physical cards in-person, or digital cards that can be added to mobile wallets. As an operator, you can choose and program the look of the cards and you’ll also have tracking and visibility into their balances. Cards are often pre-activated upon loading, making them easier to sell and easier for customers to immediately spend.


The demand for gift cards typically peaks during gift-giving seasons, but unlike food or season-specific gifts, gift cards are a year-round purchase that won’t spoil.  They encourage business and can help drive guests through the doors especially on special occasions from birthdays, to graduations, to other special holidays. 


Reach out to Volante today to talk about your gift card strategy and find out how to implement gift cards at your location.

Shannon Moyes

Director of Business Development – Volanté Systems

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