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How POS Customer Displays Can Make You More Money

Depending on what type of food service venue you operate, customer facing displays may have been on your radar for a long time. They are a critical part of the customer experience in most cafeteria, quick-service restaurants, and concession stands across North America and serve many valuable purposes to your business. Customer experience aside, they are also mandatory in some legislations, such as California. 

The customer facing display provides patrons with a real-time feed of the items that they are ordering. As the cashier rings in and scans items, they show up on the screen. The itemized menu item information, usually including pricing, then totals to show the cost (plus taxes) of your entire order. The screens can also be programmed with specials, combo suggestions, and upcoming events to help keep customers informed, and come in a range of sizes and styles to match your budget.

As a result of their benefits and popularity, most POS manufacturers and providers now include the option for customer facing displays with virtually every POS terminal that they offer. They are easy to add on, can be highly customizable to your brand, and help you upsell or promote specials.

There are a few sizes of customer facing display, ranging from 2-line displays to larger colourful LCD displays. The POS display you choose will ultimately depend on your desired experience, counter space, and budget.

Here are three ways that customer facing displays enhance the ordering and check-out process.

  • Your POS experience will be more interactive, more transparent, and display improved order accuracy.

By allowing customers to see the items on their bill as they are being rung in, customers can see all their combos, promotions, and discounts being applied in real time. They can ensure the correct items are being rung up, which helps improve order accuracy, given any incorrect items that are rung in may be seen by the customer. This saves time and effort on costly errors in the ordering process. 

  • You will encourage engagement with your loyalty program.

Customer facing displays are a great way to tell guests about your loyalty program. The screen can display general information about the program, show guests what they would be getting if they were a loyalty member, and allow them to celebrate their points or discounts should they already be subscribed. There’s no doubting the power of loyalty, and a customer facing display can help get more customers subscribed to your program.

  • You can display advertisements and promotions on the customizable screen.

 If you are using a colour or LCD display, you are able to program promotions and information about upcoming events or specials onto the display, reducing the need for signage for marketing initiatives. The screen can become an extension of your marketing team – automated, on brand, and driving sales. Some ideas include highlighting your menu items of the day, upcoming promotions or specials, encouraging subscription to your loyalty program, or displaying upcoming events. 

Customer facing displays are an easy add-on to make your checkout experience a much more productive one. Speak with us today to learn more about customer displays and other ways you can drive loyalty, engagement, and add-ons at your POS. 

Shannon Moyes

Business Development Manager – Volanté Systems

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