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Guinness and Linux POS a Winning Combo at Gabby’s


About Gabbys

A proud Canadian company that’s been serving Toronto since 1989, Gabby’s mainstream casual dining restaurant with an integrated sports bar area that caters to the community and local businesses. With a focus on great quality, mainstream casual food at affordable prices, they currently serve over 27,000 customers a week.

In addition to providing full table service, take-out, pickup and on-site catering, Gabby’s offers fast delivery throughout the downtown core seven days a week. All locations proudly serve signature dishes and provide an excellent selection of draught and bottled beers as well as an extensive liquor selection.

Gabby’s tries to support staff and franchisees with systems that save them time and money so that they can spend more time running their stores. As a result, they’re always looking to explore new ideas and concepts to increase both the number and the quality of dining experiences.

The need for an integrated POS solution

Gabby’s is a combination of corporately owned and franchise locations. Given their continued growth, they knew that better control of their store operations and costs could reduce operating expenses while managing their business more efficiently. There was a strong desire from management to increase revenue with new innovative programs, but day-to-day operational requirements and constraints were time consuming.

Over the years, multiple POS systems had been installed, and several different POS solutions introduced within the chain. However, there were issues with reliability and service on top of Managers spending more time than they wanted performing back office functions. As a result, Gabby’s was looking for a system that could help them efficiently run their business and facilitate loyal, long-term relationships with key clientele.

Gabby’s wanted a local service provider with a reputation for superior service. The fact that the Volanté POS system ran on Linux (leveraging better security and cost efficiencies) as well as being capable of running on many different hardware platforms in a seamless manner created tremendous value, and differentiated them from their competitors. We have become more productive, profitable and professional as a result.

Andrew Last

Vice President Operations at Urban Dining Group

Our robust solution

Gabby’s selected Volanté POS because it had a reputation for reliability and appreciated that current hardware could be reused. As well, Volanté featured a local team that would support them completely and consistently.

Volanté provided Gabby’s with a comprehensive system that included Human Resources, basic restaurant marketing, business and financial planning and customer service features and benefits. Additionally, Volanté offered a versatile product platform that could integrate seamlessly with a number of other industry packages including kitchen systems and food and beverage management.

A powerful transformation

  • Improved operational efficiency: For example, ‘end-of-day’ time requirements have decreased from over an hour to twenty minutes
  • Ability to leverage data analytics: campaigns can be tailored directly to customer demand
  • New functionality has been piloted, such as Playt mobile, marketing that has many features including coupons and the ability to track the dining habits of clients
  • Back-office functionality was taken away from the hands of the store managers, enabling them to spend more time with clients
  • New reports are being created collaboratively to improve and enhance operations

The service provided by Volanté has been great, and the system does not break. We plan to incorporate more features of the system to improve operations across the chain and into our other restaurant concepts.

Andrew Last

Vice President Operations at Urban Dining Group


Volanté offers cutting edge POS solutions that help Table Service Restaurant chains like Gabby’s unlock their full potential. Our software is customized to meet the most demanding business needs. We are determined to help you reduce errors, while creating efficient and flexible solutions. Volanté has the POS solution for you.

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