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Mayo Clinic – The Transition to Volanté

About Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit medical organization focused on integrated clinical practice, education and research, and providing expert care to those in need. Founded in 1864, Mayo Clinic has established a reputation as one of the premier health care institutions in the United States. The organization currently operates three medical centers in the US, located in Rochester (Minnesota), Jacksonville (Florida), and Phoenix (Arizona). These centers employ over 65,000 workers and treated over 1.3 million people in 2019. Mayo Clinic spends $660 million annually funding research projects committed to the understanding of disease processes, best clinical practices, and translation of laboratory findings to clinical practice.

Before Volanté
Due to Mayo Clinic’s large scale of operation, it was important they utilized an integrated POS system. While previously using various providers, they experienced challenges with analytics, security, and payment. This decentralized system prevented Mayo from controlling their menus, discounts and gift cards from one head office, making the analysis and comparison of data across locations a nightmare. Decentralization also created several security hurdles for the company. Mayo used a declining balance payment option, which made payment more complicated and increased the length per transaction.

The Volanté Solution
Volanté provided Mayo with an enterprise Point-of-Sale solution that allowed them to centrally manage all locations. By using a system with thousands of Cost Centers, they are now able to manage menus and gather data across all hospitals, to be reconciled. Integration was easy with Volanté’s mixed Linux/Windows topology and Mayo’s existing system.

Notable features:

  • Back-end tracking of discounts and gift cards
  • Customizable meal plans for patients and students
  • Linux security – point to point encryption
  • Integrated credit card authorization
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Advanced data handling techniques and reporting

Volanté Systems POS has great accessibility, which allows real-time reporting from any device. [The payroll] process is seamless and meal plans/payroll deduction reports are accurate.

Troy Tenchavez

Results after Integrating Volanté POS System

With the help of Volanté, Mayo now has an all-encompassing system providing advanced analytics, PCI-DSS certified data security and simplified payment. Employees at any Mayo Clinic can conveniently pay with their badge, opting in through an online portal, and review transactions online. 

Volanté provided:

  • Enhanced customer experience through meal plan customization 
  • Increased data security
  • Flexible and painless menu management solutions
  • Consolidated data across hospitals
  • Improved efficiency and a reduction in operating costs

The transition of POS systems (Micros to Volanté) here on the Jacksonville Campus for the Mayo Clinic was a great learning experience for all parties involved. Looking back on the months that have passed since the transition I cannot express how grateful we are to have the Volanté Support Team in assisting us day in and day out.

Benjamin Evans

Retail Manager

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