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Refreshing Micro-Market and Kiosk POS solutions at AFV


About AFV

American Food and Vending (AFV) is one of the largest privately-held corporate culinary and refreshment service providers in the United States. Having experienced double-digit annual growth for two straight decades, they are also the fastest-growing company in the industry.

American Food and Vending currently operates in over 35 cities across 15 states, serving hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The Challenge

AFV’s REFRESH express self-service markets are revolutionizing the face of convenience and variety in the dining experience by bringing an entirely new level of freshness and variety to typical workplace environments with higher quality food and beverage offerings.

The challenge for AFV, was to find a POS partner that could execute their technology requirements of offering greater customer interaction, increased cashless payment acceptance, and an easy way to manage their self-serve kiosks.

Volanté Systems is feature rich. Their Enterprise POS and Kiosk integration have added enormously to AFV’s success!

Jamie Butts

IT Director, American Food & Vending

Our robust solution

After comparing a number of POS companies, American Food & Vending chose Volanté Systems as the solution for their REFRESH express, micro market, self-service kiosk requirements. Volanté’s dedication to technological innovation, as well as research and development impressed AFV along with:

  • Feature Rich Solutions – Volanté’s out of the box enterprise, kiosk solution contained everything AFV needed for their REFRESH express rollout
  • Flexibility & Functionality – Volanté’s powerful combination of flexibility and functionality allowed AFV the freedom to meet their customers’ retail needs
  • Responsive Support – As a technology partner, Volanté’s ongoing, reliable, responsive and easily accessible support contributed to a successful partnership between AFV and Volanté Systems

Results / Benefits:

Volanté POS Kiosk solution has been rolled out and is operational in over 90 sites, enabling AFV’s REFRESH express division to deliver higher levels of customer service and better manage their business.

Enterprise Management:

  • Menu management is centrally administrated at the head office
  • Pricing updates are easily completed from the head office
  • Promos are created and can be centrally managed
  • Data from all kiosks are synchronized to the head office for up-to-date and continuous reporting

Kiosk Terminals:

  • Kiosks can be configured to accept cash, credit cards, gift cards, and even payroll deductions
  • A customer friendly interface guides the user through purchase to payment
  • Kiosks are configured to be 100% unattended and available 24/7 without costly labor charges

Innovation and Expansion:

  • Volanté’s dedication to research and development, assists AFV in their commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology in the hospitality industry

Whenever we need any changes or customization done, Volanté’s turnaround time is pretty spectacular.

Jamie Butts

IT Director, American Food & Vending


Volanté offers cutting edge Kiosk and Micro-Market solutions that help Self Service Vending companies like AFV unlock their full potential. Our software is customized to meet the most demanding business needs. We are determined to help you reduce errors, while creating efficient and flexible solutions. Volanté has the POS solution for you.

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