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Overseas QSR POS with Ease at EsTeler 77


About Es Teler 77 
Since its humble beginnings in 1981, Es Teler 77 has established itself as the first genuine Indonesian fast food franchising system. With over 180 locations in different parts of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, it has improved the image of Indonesian culture on both domestic and international fronts.

The need for an integrated POS solution
Es Teler 77’s existing POS system was neither scalable, reliable not cross-platform compatible. In Indonesia, Internet connectivity can be unreliable. When connections were suddenly dropped, the data polling process would have to be restarted, creating inaccurate data and forcing manual intervention. Additionally, reports were never received on time.

Es Teler 77 also wanted to manage unique “combo” pricing that had been too complex for their existing system.

With our old POS system, we had all the basic features, but when we started connecting a number of them in different stores to the server in the head office, things got really messy. We couldn’t synchronize data, some data was missing and we had endless network jams. Volanté Enterprise POS changed all that!

Andrew Nugroho

Director of Business Development for PT Top Food

Our robust solution
After investigating a number of systems that also struggled with scalability, Es Teler 77 saw the Volanté Enterprise POS solution in action in North America, witnessing first hand that it provides:

  • Reliability and a full data reporting suite
  • Clear insight into all aspects of operations, with filtered data reported whenever necessary
  • Functionality accessed on demand, in real-time, quickly and easily

Previously, when we finally got reports, our accounting team had to recheck everything to make sure no data was missing. With Volanté we no longer have to do that.

Andrew Nugroho

Director of Business Development for PT Top Food

A powerful transformation

  1. Universal changes to multiple locations at once are now standard operating procedure
  2. Reduced operating costs
  3. Increased profits due to up-selling
  4. General increase in business confidence has allowed for:
    • Innovation and expansion to flourish
    • Better customer service to be performed.
    • More enthusiastic staff to be hired.

Choosing Volanté Systems was the best IT-related decision we’ve made. It’s become a very important ingredient of Es Teler 77’s success. The robustness of the software provides us peace of mind, the product demonstrates to our franchisees that we have the right infrastructure in place to properly manage and control a large network of store, and the customer management solution gives us an edge over our competitors. Best of all, Volanté is run by a very nice and approachable group of people.

Andrew Nugroho

Director of Business Development for PT Top Food


Volanté offers cutting edge POS solutions that help Quick Service Restaurant chains like Es Teler 77 unlock their full potential. Our software is customized to meet the most demanding business needs. We are determined to help you reduce errors, while creating efficient and flexible solutions. Volanté has the POS solution for you.

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