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Pizza Nova meets Volanté POS

Volanté POS solutions for pizza nova

About Pizza Nova
Pizza Nova has been serving authentic Italian cuisine since 1963. With over 140 stores, the chain takes pride in consistently exceeding their consumers’ expectations, ensuring that they deliver quality every single time. Pizza Nova’s maxim for maintaining high quality is simple: always use the freshest ingredients.

The need for an integrated solution
Pizza Nova was using an older in-house developed system and realized it was limiting their ability to increase profits, improve operating efficiency, and streamline communications between the various stores and head office. They were looking for a partner to leverage a comprehensive, quick serve oriented, hospitality solution that offered robust functionality, yet was flexible enough to be tailored to their unique needs.

We wanted to deal with a company that was enterprise-capable and responsive to our particular needs. Volanté fit the bill perfectly.

Merrilee Stoll

Director of Information Technology

Our robust solution

Pizza Nova purchased Volanté’s Linux-based Enterprise POS solution, that was interfaced to their central dispatch call center. Management also wanted to take advantage of Volanté’s driver clock-in delivery assignment and tracking system, to be installed in each store. A number of specific Pizza Nova store level and head office requests were designed into the robust Volanté Enterprise POS solution, including:

  • Interfacing to the central commissary, and developing a store level management product ordering schedule.
  • Central menu and item management updates and bi-monthly combo specials can be sent to each store on demand at the push of a button.
  • Can send sales and delivery transactions, and time and attendance reporting back to the corporate head office.
  • Volante’s pizza GUI (Graphical User Interface) was customized to take specific orders which included size, toppings, half toppings, quarter toppings and crust types, along with the ability to take a customer order in any configuration, to be sent to the kitchen automatically in the order to be prepared.

A powerful transformation

Volante POS solutions have helped Pizza Nova efficiently monitor its profitability, pricing, royalties and ingredients, allowing it to secure:

  • Significant cost savings Improved data reporting and measurement
  • Process automation, including:
    • Instant transfer of orders from the call center to the POS system at the restaurant.
    • Simplified order processes
    • Consistent screens across all stores
    • Efficient delivery by the help of driver tracking
  • Consistent customer service

Improved inventory control

I know all about Pizza, not technology. Thanks to the Volanté Enterprise POS, we’re now able to track every ingredient and item, so that we can run our organization more efficiently and effectively.

Sam Primucci

Owner of Pizza Nova


Volante offers cutting edge POS solutions that help institutions like Pizza Nova unlock their full potential. Our software is customized to meet your personal needs, and we are determined to help you reduce errors, and create efficient and flexible solutions. Volante has the POS solution for you.

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