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Tips for Keeping POS Equipment Safe & Clean

If you’re using touchscreen POS, kiosks, or tablets, having a cleaning routine and the proper disinfectant protocols for your equipment are critical to keeping your staff and patrons safe. 

From simple to sophisticated, there are plenty of disinfectant tools out there to help protect your entire cafeteria or dining venue from germs. Let’s walk through some of the most common cleaning and disinfection tools available for your POS equipment and surrounding areas – from tablets to kiosks to POS terminals and beyond.

Alcohol-based disinfectant spray for touchscreens


As noted by Unytouch Manufacturing, “The most commonly used solution for Resistive and PCAP is just a simple isopropyl alcohol sprayed on a dry or soft cloth. Try to avoid using organic solvents and for dirt or residue use a neutral detergent or ethanol for clearing the touch panel.” 


The recommended mixture is ⅓ of isopropyl alcohol with ⅔ of water in a spray bottle, and not to exceed 70% alcohol. You can also find a list of US EPA-recommended disinfectants that are safe for products (such as ELO Touchscreens) by clicking here.


You’ll want to power off the equipment prior to cleaning if possible, and when using a disinfectant mixture on the screen, it’s recommended to spray onto a non-abrasive, clean cloth and not on the screen directly. Once the surface is dry, you can turn the equipment back on.

Cashier shields for protection of patrons and operators


Cashier shields are becoming an increasingly popular method of helping to create some space and safety between staff and patrons without sacrificing the in-person experience. Cashier shields typically have:


  • Curved screens that deliver excellent protection between the two parties
  • Adjustable height and shield position
  • Easy cleaning routines – simply use warm soapy water

Hand sanitizer dispensers 


Having well placed hand sanitizer dispensers helps guests and staff feel safe when coming into contact with surfaces in your dining venue. They are an easy and cost-effective addition that can either be free-standing on their own, attached to POS terminals, or on mounts attached to kiosks.

UV disinfectant lights


UV disinfection is a popular disinfectant method that is used to eradicate harmful bacteria. UV lights can be attached to POS, tablets, and kiosks and are plug and play devices that are automated, providing 24/7 disinfection. This chemical-free method of cleaning your equipment is a great add-on option to consider as it plugs in via USB cable and covers up to a 24” disinfecting area.

All of the tools above will help deliver a safe and sanitized experience in your restaurant or cafeteria. There are other types of technology tools, such as temperature screening kiosks, that can also be considered. Implementing these can help with monitoring and screening guests, while flagging those who have high temperatures.

You can learn more about safety solutions and screening tools on our website, or by reaching out to us at 1-877-490-6333 or

Shannon Moyes

Business Development Manager – Volanté Systems

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