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Venues & Attractions: How POS Solutions are Changing the Game

Solutions to Cheer About

Volanté scores with cutting edge POS solutions

POS solutions are changing the game for stadiums and venues with one main goal: satisfy fans and keep them coming back for more. Whether it’s a stadium or convention center, the consumer’s role goes far beyond the seated observer. Customers demand unparalleled service in the digital sector across all areas of venues. Tablets, kiosks, and cashier POS are perfect for high-traffic areas, exceeding the target for robust connectivity and convenience.

POS is transforming the fan stadium experience by creating a unified and streamlined environment across venues. Reduced lineups, prompt up-selling, and on-the-fly promotions maximize guest experience and profits. Volanté POS solutions pummel the competition through our flexibility, connectivity, extensive capabilities, and aptitude of zero downtime.

Attraction, Stadium and Event POS Systems

Stadium POS Success Stories – Exploring Woodbine Entertainment

Volanté POS solutions facilitate an increase in staff accountability and venue profitability, all while pleasing the consumer. Woodbine Entertainment Group is a multi-entertainment complex encompassing numerous casinos, restaurants, patios, and merchandise retailers. Woodbine thrives with seamlessly integrated POS solutions that consolidate varying legacy systems.

With goals of security and flexibility, Volanté successfully implemented over 200 Enterprise POS applications, gratifying as many as 50,000 consumers in a pressure-packed environment. Through ID and access card usage, club member tracking, rewards tracking, integrated credit card authorization, mobile tablet computing and much more, Woodbine has quickly become one of Volanté’s most successful large-scale projects.

Volanté continues to help institutions like Woodbine unlock their full potential with software customized to meet the client’s needs, reduce errors, and create efficient solutions. In unconventional environments, Volanté recognizes the value of reliable POS free of interruptions in service. Zero downtime means zero disruptions to business regardless of Wifi connection, guaranteeing no stress and no loss in revenue.

“Reliability is very important, meaning a system that can stand alone. We can’t have our system go down. Who wants to find themselves in that situation? So, having no downtime at all is key.”

Woodbine Entertainment Group

Eddie Stutz, VP of Operations

Mobile Tablets are Serving the Stands

More and more stadiums and event venues are choosing mobile POS systems, enabling fans to buy food, beverage, and merchandise from the comfort of their own seats while avoiding hefty lines. Volanté’s versatile and compact tablet design serves as both a handheld device and a countertop POS. The mobile application provides efficient and secure concession and merchandise sales in the stands, lounges, and boxes offering a ruggedized and ketchup-proof solution.

Cashier POS systems are built to handle high volume service in demanding conditions. Concession stands and Countertop POS terminals make the perfect team, delivering speed of service, even when the server is down. Satisfy the appetites of your patrons with scalable, high capacity solutions.

Self-Serve Kiosks: The Customer Always Wins

State-of-the-art self-serve kiosks are taking over big venues, improving the user-experience one order at a time. Larger purchases, more transactions, and lower labor costs are giving clients something to cheer about. Volanté’s cutting-edge kiosks create custom combos and configure discounts that facilitate daily or weekly promotions, helping you highlight and upsell items that may be slow-moving. Empower the customer through ease of navigation, simplified ordering and reduced wait times.

Venues & Attractions – Volanté Hits a Homerun

Solutions for your Stadium

A study from Enterprise Event Marketing found that the use of event technology can create a 20 percent increase in event attendance while reducing related costs by up to 30 percent. Volanté’s state-of-the-art connectivity and ability to function with zero downtime satisfy demanding fans and sales-focused vendors. Designed to keep up with fast-paced environments, Volanté systems can quickly adapt to changes in staffing, events, or menus. Day-pass ticketing and wristband systems provide the total event experience.

Volanté’s infrastructure offers extensive real-time reporting for enterprise and back-of-house management. Operational insights can be managed across multiple locations through a centralized and streamlined system. Inventory and order history can be instantly accessed to offer analytics in real-time, guiding future vendor and merchandise selections. With comprehensive labor tracking, staff can be managed effortlessly. So, what are you waiting for? Get in the game.

Complete Community Integration

“Create a unified and simplified POS environment across your stadium by consolidating a variety of POS technologies under the umbrella of one integrated system. Unlock your full potential with software that streamlines your operations and addresses all your hospitality service requirements.”

Volanté Systems