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My Volanté™

What is My Volanté?

My Volanté is a secure, user-friendly, and readily accessible portal that is revolutionizing the corporate dining experience through its vast feature set. Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, patrons can review account transactions, print receipts, and reload their meal accounts using their credit card.

Amplify your Corporate Dining Experience

View Transactions
– Receive real-time, mobile access to account balances from any web browser
– Review your transactions, account resets, and receipts

Load Accounts 
– Securely save a credit card on file and set up automatic loading
– Add funds to your account at any time with ease

Enable Notifications 
– Stay in the loop about your account at all times
– Receive e-mails when your balance is low or account is reloaded

Reduce Paper
– Automate enrollment in payroll deduction
– Eliminate receipt printing at the register for employees with accounts

Enhance User Experience

Provide Transparency into Spending in Real-Time
Fast-paced settings like healthcare and corporate dining require a system that will provide immediate, accurate reporting on meals and spending. My Volanté utilizes real-time reporting and data sharing to ensure that everything is tracked – from your meal location, to your applicable discounts, to your individual menu items.

Provide a Seamless Dining Experience
Programs such as meal plans and payroll deduction allow users to make use of employee badges, meal cards, or building fobs to pay for meals, encouraging spending and reducing transaction time. By connecting these transactions to a portal, the dining experience comes full circle – allowing users a more enjoyable cafeteria experience without sacrificing details or insights into accounts.

Improve Accessibility to Account Information
Removing the need for an operator to manually check balances for account holders, the AMS portal grants users the freedom to view their account balance from anywhere with an internet connection. Perform a transaction, and review your account balance and receipt immediately in the portal afterwards.

Reduce Administrative Barriers of Entry to Systems like Payroll Deduction and Meal Plans
By building waivers and information packages into our portal, operators can encourage enrollment in meal plan and payroll deduction programs without adding to their workload.

Allow Users Full Control of Their Accounts
Users can save as much or as little information as they’d like, and will benefit from features such as auto-load and reload of accounts to ensure that they are never without funds for their meals. By enabling e-mail notifications, users will remain aware of their account activity.

Interested in learning more about how My Volanté can help your business?