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The Volanté Mini™

Enterprise Power In a Compact Size.


With a footprint less than a piece of paper, never worry about counterspace again. The Volanté Mini is an all-in-one unit (printer, card reader, and touch screen) that can take your hospitality operation to the next level. Ideal for those who are looking for a full point of sale system in a compact size without sacrificing performance.

Compatible with a wide range of peripherals including a cash drawer, kitchen printer, barcode scanner, pin pad, and sign pad. With features like touch display, customer display, card reader, and printer all built in to one unit with a 10″ touch screen, power an enterprise, in a compact size.

Increase SalesIncrease Sales

Encourage your staff to up-sell items with prompts and programmed options to ask customers if they would like a side of something extra.

Informed DecisionsInformed Decisions

Know your top-dollar items. Use report functions to track menu items and customer and employee data. Learn who sells the most, and generate reports by store, time of day, and top items.

Take ControlPowerful Performance

Robust cashier or table service software paired with a reliable compact all-in-one unit.

  • Easy-to-use software with intuitive navigation
  • Colorful menu screen buttons that can be easily programmed
  • Utmost system reliability with built-in redundancy and no single point of failure
  • Configurable up-sell prompting cashiers to promote drinks and side orders
  • Create and automatically enable ‘combos’ of eligible items
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) enables tracking and management of customers
  • Supports institutional Meal Plans with Declining Balance and Payroll Deduction features
  • Database records transaction history of all meals, purchases and services
  • Easily processes coupons, gift certificates, loyalty programs and other special offers
  • Automatic order routing to kitchen or bar areas
  • Integrated electronic payment processing plus loss prevention integration
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) integration
  • PCI-DSS certification in compliance with the latest payment industry regulations
  • Simple to use software for quick cashier training and learning-curve
  • Easy to manage menu items, pricing and much more via the powerful Cloud Back-Office
  • Compact design that allows you to increase counterspace
  • No downtime – Volanté’s peer-to-peer data sharing system ensures functionality in the  absence of network server connectivity
  • Linux platform with P2P encryption is breach-free, preventing viruses or malware
  • Google Kubernetes Cloud offers the most robust cloud platform solution
  • Real-time reporting provides visibility on sales performance, top menu items, profitability and much more
  • Centralized POS management – quickly update pricing, menus and promotions
  • Written in pure Java, all the information needed is generated in real time, quickly and easily
  • Drive your business with incentives such as loyalty rewards and gift cards to keep customers coming back!
  • CRM tools keep track of your customer accounts and enable customized promotions to meet their tastes
  • Manage your business effectively by understanding customer decisions and favorite menu items
  • Enhanced productivity in operations boosts your bottom-line

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