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The Volanté Flip

Because Two Is Better Than One

Grant operators the freedom to switch their operations from self-serve to cashier-service within seconds and with ease from the same piece of hardware.

The Volanté Flip provides hardware and software configuration for an all-in-one unit (printer, RFID, barcode scanner, mount, and touch screen) that goes from self-serve kiosk mode to cashier mode with a simple rotation of the screen.

One product. Double the capabilities.


24-Hour Service

Seamless Transition

The 2-IN-1 Solution Kiosk and POS Software

The Volanté Flip 2-in-1 Solution enables you to seamlessly switch between Kiosk and POS modes.

Elevate your POS experience with this powerful and versatile touchscreen solution. From POS terminal to self-service checkout, the Volanté Flip can be configured to deliver maximum impact.

This unique product offers your operations the flexibility of 24-hour service. Use during business hours with cashiers available to man the terminal, and after hours when no staff are available to take orders on the POS.

Remove cost and physical barriers – use one piece of hardware for two functions.

Supported Peripherals


Customer Display




Weight Scale


Barcode Scanner




Cash Drawer

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