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Volanté Eats™

Digital Ordering


The perfect order is in the palm of your customer’s hand.

Expand your service offering with Digital Ordering. User-friendly, colorful web and mobile applications allow customers to browse your diverse menus, select a date and time they’d like to pick-up, and pay by credit card. The best part? It’s no hassle. Our all-in-one system allows you to access pricing, menus, and reporting all in one place. Pricing is pulled directly from your Volanté POS menu, and orders are sent straight to your kitchen.

Say Hello to a Quicker, More Seamless Dining Experience.


Quick and Easy Web Ordering


Simplify the food ordering process and enhance the user-experience with web browser-based ordering, from your laptop or mobile phone


No download required. Customers simply log into their web browser and order from there


Volanté menus get uploaded directly to the web page, displaying all your brands and concepts

Customized Mobile App Ordering


Implement a customized mobile application, which drives loyalty and houses all your menus


Provide unbeatable convenience through a user-friendly application


Offer easier ways to pay, with payroll deduction and meal plans


Allow for immediate pickup or future orders with customized time frames

Contactless Payments


Encourage contactless payments by paying ahead or in-person with a mobile device


Enable Google Pay, Apple Pay or other credit card methods for pre-orders made on apps and through web


Offer full support for reloadable gift cards and loyalty to expand contactless options


Improve order accuracy

Reduce wait times

Support gift & loyalty

Offer pickup & delivery

Enable scan & pay

Introduce catering

Support payroll deduction & meal plan

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