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Volanté Scan 2 Go™

Get To Know Your Business Better With Barcodes


Volanté’s Mobile Tablet and Self-Serve Kiosk have combined forces to create the most streamlined and efficient multi-restaurant ordering experience yet Scan 2 Go.

Leveraging barcode stickers, Scan 2 Go transforms all food orders into scan and pay items, unlocking valuable untapped data and removing the hassle of numerous individual checkouts.

Enjoy the benefits of detailed SKU-level sales information, enabling better inventory management and improved order accuracy – all while giving diners what they want: convenient market-style ordering and consolidated contactless payment options.

Unlock Detailed Data


Get to know your business better, with SKU-level analytics and tracking on items that are traditionally not barcoded

Elevate your inventory management and increase your operational efficiency and profit

Increase Speed of Service and Order Accuracy


Improve order accuracy insuring that patrons are charged for complete custom orders and extras

     Enable faster average transaction time and checkout

Simplify the food ordering process and enhance the user experience with state-of-the-art technology

Encourage Larger Basket Size


Increase order size and customer satisfaction, by granting customers the freedom to order from multiple stations, with one consolidated bill and checkout

Offer contactless and cashless payment, promoting a simpler and safer checkout that will keep customers coming back

How It Works!


Reduce shrinkage

Improve order accuracy

Enhance operational efficiency

Leverage detailed SKU-level data

Increase number of orders

Optimize inventory management

Turn every food offering into a barcode item

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