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Volanté Point of Sale brings significant advantages to both community residents and operators alike. With intuitive online food ordering, reservation management, and easy account balance checks, residents enjoy unparalleled convenience, all while operators stay devoted to their top priority: the residents’ well-being and satisfaction.

Senior Living Residents Dining
Volante Point of Sale Tablet with operator interaction

Elevate Your Operations with Volanté

Are you still juggling order management, reservations, and takeout requests with pen and paper? It’s time for an upgrade to Volanté, the point-of-sale solution tailor-made for senior living communities, designed to streamline processes and reduce errors.

Senior Living Community Solutions

Volanté's Point-of-Sale

At Volanté, our mission is to enhance senior living experiences by offering a comprehensive point-of-sale system designed to support and enrich the daily lives of residents within retirement communities. We understand the importance of preserving the warmth and familiarity of your community while elevating it with modern conveniences.

  • Advanced software coordinates resident profiles with photo identification to keep staff members informed and up to date on allergies, special request notices, and special needs for assistance
  • Robust CRM supports declining balance, account tracking, and multi-meal plans. With our user-friendly interface, family members can check account status, past transactions, and reload funds, while staff members focus on monitoring resident activity.
  • User-friendly menu design enable facility staff members to create menus quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to spend more time with residents and less time searching for items on the POS screen.
  • Volanté’s multi-meal management software incorporates a convenient cashless feature that authorizes the purchases of retail items, spa services, special activity programs, and meals offered at your retirement or senior living facility.
  • Centralized Menu Management provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor menu configurations, securities, financials, and resident profiles across multiple facilities from  head office.
  • Data can be accessed in real time for visibility of everything from single-resident transactions to site sales summaries.
  • Volanté’s extensive real-time reporting capabilities and remote Cloud access allow managers clear insight into all aspects of business quickly and easily. Managers can obtain the information they need, from broad statistics across locations down  to individual residents’ records.
  • Leveraging comprehensive and secure resident data and transaction records, managers can generate the most versatile, detailed, advanced, accurate, and easy-to-read reports.
Volante Integrations with Kiosks and Tablets

Seamless Integrations

Gone are the days of manual record-keeping and scratching your head over inventory and billing issues. Volanté seamlessly connects with various systems using file-based and API connections to synchronize effortlessly with inventory management, EMR/EHR, and billing processes. By optimizing the operations of senior living communities across North America, Volanté introduces a new era of hassle-free management.

Optimal for Senior Living

Hardware Solutions

Volanté Hardware Tablet point of sale

In-Room Ordering

<p>Volanté’s ultra-sleek yet rugged Mobile Tablet POS enables you to conveniently serve residents whether they’re lounging around in common areas or in their own rooms.
Volanté Hardware - Point of Sale Terminal

Adaptive POS System

Perfect for Quick Service or Table Service Restaurants, our intuitive and highly reliable cashier POS system ensures that your operations are running smoothly.
Volanté Hardware - Volanté Point of Sale Kiosk

Boost Resident Satisfaction

The independence of diners in the foodservice process has been shown to dramatically increase overall satisfaction.

Discover the Difference

Experience how Volanté’s Point-of-Sale solutions can enhance the way your senior living community operates. Schedule a live personalized demo today to see how our technology can support your efforts in providing exceptional services to your residents while streamlining operations for your staff. Contact us now to book your demo and explore how our system works to your community’s specific needs.

Point of Sale Operator

Load Accounts

Securely save a credit card on file and set up automatic loading. Add funds to your account at any time with ease.

Increase Sales

Receive real-time, mobile access to account balances from any web browser. Also, review your transactions, account resets, and receipts.

Enable Notifications

Stay in the loop about your account at all times. Receive e-mails when your balance is low or account is reloaded.

Quick, Convenient, and Secure

Digital Ordering

Introducing Volanté Eats, the innovative solution that is transforming the dining experiences of seniors living in communities. This digital ordering system offers a user-friendly platform for operators to provide modern and convenient dining options to residents. With Volanté Eats, residents can personalize their meals from their homes or communal dining areas, and choose whether they want to pick it up or have it delivered.

Senior Living Residents Using Digital Ordering
Volante Point of Sale

Centralized Management

Effortlessly implement, oversee, and adjust menu configurations, security settings, financials, and resident profiles across multiple facilities directly from the head office. Access real-time data for comprehensive visibility, ranging from individual resident transactions to site-wide sales summaries, ensuring a unified and informed operational overview.

Volante Point of Sale

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