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Volanté’s point-of-sale for senior living provides CCRC, independent living, assisted living and memory care community operators with a fully connected technology solution that enhances your resident experience – from fine dining to bistros, to spa/salon or concierge services.
  • Advanced software coordinates resident profiles with photo identification to keep staff members informed and up to date on allergies, special request notices, and special needs for assistance
  • Robust CRM supports declining balance, account tracking, and multi-meal plans. With our user-friendly interface, family members can check account status, past transactions, and reload funds, while staff members focus on monitoring resident activity.
  • User-friendly menu design enable facility staff members to create menus quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to spend more time with residents and less time searching for items on the POS screen.
  • Volanté’s multi-meal management software incorporates a convenient cashless feature that authorizes the purchases of retail items, spa services, special activity programs, and meals offered at your retirement or senior living facility.
  • Centralized Menu Management provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor menu configurations, securities, financials, and resident profiles across multiple facilities from  head office.
  • Data can be accessed in real time for visibility of everything from single-resident transactions to site sales summaries.
  • Volanté’s extensive real-time reporting capabilities and remote Cloud access allow managers clear insight into all aspects of business quickly and easily. Managers can obtain the information they need, from broad statistics across locations down  to individual residents’ records.
  • Leveraging comprehensive and secure resident data and transaction records, managers can generate the most versatile, detailed, advanced, accurate, and easy-to-read reports.

Complete Community Integration

Volanté is the leading retirement POS solution for senior living communities. With a single and convenient badge key, residents can seamlessly process and enjoy their meals, services, activities, and retail options. Take your community experience to the next level by leveraging Volanté’s fully connected ecosystem.

Retirement POS Connectivity Database Integration

Providing the latest file-handling technology, Volanté’s Retirement POS software is designed with scalability in mind. The Volanté database management system is fully ODBC and SQL compliant ensuring that third-party systems can easily integrate with Volanté. Flexible design gives the user the option to select the enterprise database server of choice. Consequently, with the advanced architectural design, coupled with its platform independence and open database flexibility, Volanté ensures that the user’s technological investment is protected now and well into the future.

Facilitate In-Room Ordering with Portable Mobile Tablet POS

Volanté’s ultra-sleek yet rugged Mobile Tablet POS enables you to conveniently serve residents whether they’re lounging around in common areas or in their own rooms. Engage your users as they scroll through visually appealing menus, pictures, and customizable options with their server. At the touch of a button, requests are communicated to the kitchen. Purchases are logged in a Cloud-based CRM for simplified resident activity tracking, future menu planning, and managing inventory.

The transition to mobile is seamless. No additional training is necessary; Volanté’s enterprise POS software looks and operates uniformly across hardware platforms.

For more information, download our Tablet package below:

Boost Resident Satisfaction with Self Serve Kiosks

The independence of diners in the foodservice process has been shown to dramatically increase overall satisfaction. Enhance your residents’ experience with our most empowering and interactive solution, the Self-Serve Kiosk. With exceptional ease of navigation, this touchscreen device can be operated by the residents themselves – taking more orders with greater accuracy and reducing overall wait time.

For more information, download our Kiosk package below:

Keep it Classic with the Cashier POS System

Perfect for Quick Service or Table Service Restaurants, our intuitive and highly reliable cashier POS system ensures that your operations are running smoothly, so staff members spend less time facing a screen and more time with your residents. The speedy terminal is supported by a powerful BackOffice software that makes menus and multi-unit management a breeze. A flexible reporting dashboard provides real-time customizable analytics, facilitating clear insight into all aspects of operations and supporting the highest level of resident care.

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