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Accelerate Service and
increase your profits

Ideal for a wide range of cashier-facing hospitality applications, the scalable Volanté POS Terminal handles everything from the routine day-to-day operations to the most demanding enterprise-level applications. Never fail to process a transaction, even if your server goes down! Volanté is the most secure POS system in the business and has been designed to handle adverse conditions through its ability to remain unaffected by the absence of a server or network.
Volanté’s comprehensive point-of-sale solution can be tailored to effectively serve a number of industries, from restaurants to stadiums or institutions. The robust cloud-based Volanté POS software gives you the tools to efficiently service customers while sending accurate information to the food prep staff. The flexible reporting dashboard package provides real-time customizable analytics, enabling clear insight into all aspects of operations. Volante helps you spend more time running your business and less time troubleshooting.

Increase Sales

Encourage your staff to up-sell items with prompts and programmed options to ask customers if they would like a side of something extra.

Informed Decisions

Know your top-dollar items! Use report functions to track menu items and customer and employee data. Learn who sells the most, and generate reports by store, time of day, and top items.

Take Control

Use customer displays to promote seasonal items or upcoming promotions. Avoid wastage of excess stock and sell more!

The Benefits

Simple Software

Easy to Manage

Modular Design

Google Kubernetes Cloud

Linux Platform

No Downtime

Real-Time Reporting

Centralized POS Management

Pure Java

Loyalty Rewards & Gift Cards

CRM Tools

Favorite Menu Items


Hardware Features

Easy-to-use software with intuitive navigation

Colorful menu screen buttons that can be easily programmed

Utmost system reliability with built-in redundancy and no single point of failure

Create and automatically enable ‘combos’ of eligible items

Configurable up-sell prompting cashiers to promote drinks and side orders

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) enables tracking and management of customers

Supports institutional Meal Plans with Declining Balance and Payroll Deduction features

Database records transaction history of all meals, purchases and services

Easily processes coupons, gift certificates, loyalty programs and other special offers

Automatic order routing to kitchen or bar areas

Integrated electronic payment processing plus loss prevention integration

PCI-DSS certification in compliance with the latest payment industry regulations

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