Destinations POS Solutions

Destinations POS Software Solutions

Does your business revolve around any of these hospitality industry models?

  • Resorts
  • Cruises
  • Theme Parks
  • Attractions

In a restaurant, a customer places faith in the food being served. In a hotel, in the accommodations.
But at a destination, the stakes seem higher, having purchased an 'experience', the customer is more a 'captive audience' than in most other situations. .

Case Study

Amway Grand

It takes more than cooperative weather to run a ski resort. ...Read More


Volanté Enterprise POS makes it possible to not only manage the often complex requirements of destinations, but to actually take the customer's satisfaction to another level. It helps you to maintain ownership of their experience and prevent the usual missteps and faux pas, ensuring that both you and the customer come out on top: a win-win scenario, repeated over and over again.

Although each destination possesses its own unique challenges, there are commonalities, and Volanté Enterprise POS excels at reducing them to manageable processes.

Features and Benefits:
  • Day-pass ticketing
  • Wireless mobile computing
  • Enterprise edition for corporate, multi-location
  • Menu programming
  • Peer-to-peer network reliability
  • Wristband systems
  • Packages

Volanté Enterprise POS is the innovative solution to problems you've already identified, and some you probably haven't even anticipated.

Take a look in our 'Products' section for a more detailed look at what our solutions are capable of doing, and if you click on any of the business logos below, you can read case studies that show just how effective Volanté Enterprise POS has been at addressing the destinations sector needs.

Case Study

Wild Waterworks

Volanté POS Makes a Splash at Hamilton's Wild Waterworks ...Read More


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