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Volanté’s all-encompassing, customizable POS software can be uniquely tailored for your hospitality business. The extensive features provided by Volanté’s point of sale software have been designed to undoubtedly conquer both the expected and unexpected challenges that your hospitality business faces. Regardless of your hospitality setting and needs, Volanté provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective point of sale solution.

Volanté POS Solutions for Quick Service Solutions

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) / Table Service Franchises

Efficient menu setup, effortless table management, and simplified special request functions: Implement the POS solution that is amplifying business for QSR and Table Service Franchises.

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Volanté POS Solutions for Food Service Management Companies

Food Service Management Companies

Let Volanté do the work for you. With comprehensive reporting functions, seamless menu updating, and easy inventory tracking capabilities, our integrated enterprise POS system brings your business to the next level.

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Volanté POS Solutions for Institutional Cafeterias

Institutional Cafeterias

Enhance your corporate cafeteria experience and keep your employees happy. Volanté will transform your cafeteria into a dynamic atmosphere with flawless ordering and payment execution.

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Volanté POS Solutions for Healthcare and Hospitals

Healthcare and Hospitals

Avoid the stressful hustle-and-bustle of hospital meal periods with Volanté – a POS system that is revolutionizing the way hospital cafeterias operate.

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Stadiums, Events and Attractions

Increase staff accountability and venue profitability while providing customers the unparalleled service that they deserve with Volanté’s POS software for your stadium or convention center.

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Volanté POS Solutions for Retirement and Senior Living Communities

Retirement and Senior Living Communities

Implement Volanté in your retirement or senior living community to provide residents with the consistency, accuracy, and ease-of-use that they require.

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Higher Education

Support multiple meal plans, implement PCI-compliance and P2PE of credit cards, and drive student engagement with web and mobile ordering.

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