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Increase SalesIncrease Sales

Drive your business with incentives like loyalty rewards and gift cards to keep customers coming back! Create sales and promotional menu items based on what your customers want.

Informed DecisionsMake Informed Decisions

Easily keep track of your customer accounts, balances, and order history. Identify your customers’ diet restrictions, favourite foods, and account balances.

Take ControlTake Control

Know your customers! Build relationships by using our customer database. Manage your business by understanding customer decisions and their favourite menu items.

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Volanté CRM-POS

Designed with scalability in mind!

The cost of gaining a new customer is significantly more costly than retaining an old one. Capture customer information upon arrival and utilize information collected to retain him/her upon the next visit.

Volanté features a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to enhance customers interactions:

  • Tracking: Volanté customer database module will help organize, track, and manage your deals and contacts. It records transaction history of all meals, purchases and services. It can be setup to provide recipe and nutrition management, allergy alerts, and special care notification. Photo Identification Cards accepted at the point of sale terminals.
  • Meal Plans: Ideal for schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, and retirement facilities
  • Loyalty: Encourage customer retention and increase customer visits
  • Declining Balance: Support for up to four declining balance accounts
  • Gift Cards:Loadable and Re-loadable… Keeping patronage strong
  • Manage: Clear and concise reporting. Ability to import and export customer information.

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