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Mobile Tablet POS

Space conscious, Mobile and Versatile POS Options

Volanté’s Enterprise Tablet POS solutions provide flexibility, improve customer  experience, and increase efficiency. Deliver portable ordering and checkout technology to your customers in a sleek way, without sacrificing features or functionality.

The multipurpose tablet can be used as a handheld mobile device on its own or serve as a countertop POS with the optional docking station add-on. The mobile application is ideal for serving customers right where they are – whether that be at a table, in the stadium bleachers, or in a lounge.

For more information, download our Tablet Package below:

Compact Design

Ultra-slim Tablet serves as a handheld device for operation on-the-go, and converts into a compact
countertop POS with the Docking Station add-on.

No Added Training

Volanté’s industry-leading enterprise POS software looks and operates the same, regardless of the
hardware being used. Go mobile seamlessly!

Built Tough

Ruggedized Tablet is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Resistant to
dust, moisture and spills that can occur.

  • Adjustable viewing angles meet the needs of cashiers in every environment
  • Crystal clear 10.1” LCD touch screen display provides a user-friendly multi-touch experience
  • System comes equipped with integrated peripherals including: Magnetic Stripe Reader,
    Barcode Scanner, and RFID (high frequency)
  • Ergonomic leather handle maximizes portability
  • Same Volanté POS software experience on Mobile format as Countertop systems
  • Rugged enclosure is designed with withstand harsh restaurant and hospitality environments
  • Resistant to dust, moisture and spills that can often occur
  • Two unique applications: Handheld Mobile Device or Compact Countertop POS with the
    addition of the optional Docking Station accessory
  • Tablet serves as a standalone Handheld Mobile Device for delivering the POS directly to the customer
  • Accessory Docking Station boasts a wide variety of I/O ports for connection to peripherals
    such as a printer, cash drawer, customer display
  • Key Lock secures Tablet in Docking Station
  • Additional peripherals can be networked via Wi-Fi
Volanté Mobile Tablet Case
  • Unprecedented convenience – process orders wherever customers are seated
  • Communicate orders to the kitchen without delay, at the touch of a button
  • Multipurpose system can function as a Handheld Mobile Device and double as a
    Compact Countertop POS with the docking station
  • Improve customer experience with portable ordering and checkout technology
  • Increase efficiency of staff by entering orders on-the-go with greater accuracy
  • Enhanced productivity in operations boosts your bottom-line

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