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Self-Serve Kiosks

Empower your customers with a simple way to order using Volanté’s cutting-edge kiosks

Volanté kiosks are revolutionizing the way people order in quick-service restaurants and cafeterias. With exceptional ease of navigation, customers receive exactly what they want, when they want. The peak of hospitality technology to maximize all aspects of order-taking has arrived.

Investing in self-serve kiosks not only delivers customer satisfaction, but also results in increased revenues. Typical break-even occurs within 3 months, as restaurants see up to a 22% increase in average transaction size. Implementation of Volanté kiosks encourages customers to visit more frequently, get their meals faster, and become more engaged with the brand, enabling you to take advantage of promotions and up-selling opportunities.

For more information, download our Kiosk Package below:

Operate 24/7

Maximize resources with zero downtime and ensure order fulfillment accuracy with the elimination of human error. Always running, all the time.

Increase ROI

Take more orders and get through lineups faster. Reduce employee labor costs and increase sales by
offering cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Enhance Satisfaction

Customers enjoy an improved user experience utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The simplicity, speed and convenience will keep them coming back.
  • A stunning bright graphic interface guides the customer through purchase and payment
  • Simple to use menu facilitates effective self-service with no miscommunication
  • Customers intuitively build their own meal selecting their preferred toppings and add-ons to meet their unique tastes
  • Always running, all the time – operate 24/7
  • Volanté Kiosks can be configured to accept credit cards, gift cards, vouchers, house accounts, payroll deductions, and more
  • Display promotions and advertisements
  • Cross-sell and upsell items, resulting in larger average ticket sizes
  • Seamlessly adapt to an ever-changing market with supported integrations and peripherals including: barcode scanner, weigh scale, RFID reader, MSR, kitchen display, printers, pin pads, ADA Touchpads (for wheelchair accessibility)
  • Empower customers by allowing them to order independently and hassle-free
  • User-friendly visual navigation with touchscreen GUI that is intuitive
  • Increase efficiency and reduce wait times as Kiosks speed up the queue
  • Ensure order fulfillment accuracy with reduced employee errors
  • Increase average transaction ticket size up to 22%
  • Reduce errors by eliminating the risk of miscommunication
  • Reduce employee labor cost expense while minimizing theft
  • Expedite the payment process with multiple checkout options
  • Self-Service liberates customers through customization, convenience and privacy

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