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Windows and Linux Point of Sale Technology – Volanté Systems

Volanté’s primary focus has always been – and always will be – providing customers with above and beyond features and exceptional functionality from their Windows and Linux POS system. Through constant technological research and development, we are dedicated to ensuring that your investment in the Volanté POS software is one that will always keep your business ahead of the technology curve. Understanding the limitless capability of Volanté’s POS system allows you to unleash all the features that your business needs for optimum performance.

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Volanté Online Support POS Solutions Developed in Java

Developed in Java

Volanté is developed in pure Java. Given Java’s highly object and network-oriented nature, it is the software of choice for the complex and demanding hospitality environment. Along with the language’s cross-platform compatibility, Volanté has used Java to develop a unique and powerful hospitality solution: one that is highly scalable, extremely flexible and runs on the multiple operating systems, be it Linux, Windows, or a blend of the two.

Some of the benefits of using Java include:

  • High scalability and increased flexibility.
  • Ability to run on multiple operating systems: Linux, Windows, or a mix of the two.
  • Extensive development community support – Java is an open-source software technology that has an enormous developer community, giving Volanté access to a wealth of APIs and libraries.

In addition, Volanté offers Linux integration with Windows-based Back Office applications. This flexibility is rare in the POS industry.

Volanté DividerSeamless Data Synchronization

Seamless Data Synchronization

Volanté’s POS software has a data synchronization technique that actively synchronizes data when a network connection is available. It is a reliable solution that can operate whenever a network connection is available, can be performed at any time, and is easily recoverable and error free. Volanté’s data synchronization process includes three steps:

  1. Extracting data and posting it to a file;
  2. Transporting the data via a set protocol;
  3. Data is loaded, parsed, extracted and re-inserted into another database.
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Volanté - Platform Independence

Platform Independence

Volanté strongly believes in building around open standards and avoids proprietary technologies or hardware. With Volanté’s flexibility, purchasing new or upgrading existing hardware can be pleasantly cost-effective and easily manageable.

Volanté’s POS software allows you to:

  • Choose the hardware that fits your needs and budget
  • Select the operating system of your choice
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Designed to run without a server

Designed to Run Without a Server

From its foundation, Volanté wanted to make sure that its point of sale software could withstand any situation that may be encountered in the unpredictable and fast-paced hospitality industry, which is why it was designed to operate without a server or router. The benefits of this technology are truly unquantifiable, but here are a few:

  • No single point of failure – There is no need to worry if one component of your POS system fails, your data will not be lost because each terminal contains its own full database
  • No downtime from server or network failures – As long as there is power to your terminals, your business is running, and Volanté is storing and synching the information to ensure no data loss

Volanté moves away from the traditional server/client model and decentralizes the responsibilities customarily given to the server, distributing the task among the peers and removing the single point of failure.

Because of our peer-to-peer technology, the server is not even required for normal operations. If disaster strikes and your server or router goes down, your business is still fully operational and under no pressure for immediate support. When repairs have been completed and a connection is restored, all information seemingly magically synchronizes and updates within seconds.

Ultimately, as a POS system that is designed to run without a server, Volanté ensures no stress, no money lost from interruptions to your business, and business as usual in the midst of what might have been a disaster with other point of sale systems.

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Volanté POS Software Total Data Protection

Total Data Protection

Volanté’s development team understands that every detail count. Business cannot afford to lose transaction or customer data, and we have engineered a POS solution to make sure this never happens. We have pioneered data handling techniques and architecture to ensure that your business never loses data, so you can have complete faith in your POS software. Here’s how we make this happen:

  • Passive synchronization – Every POS terminal is equipped with a full database. It contains complete setup information and synchronizes data from each POS terminal to perform reporting if required.
  • Transaction data storage – When you run transactions, the data is immediately stored in the Volanté POS terminal, and synchronizes to the server in real time. If a connection is initially unavailable, it will automatically synch when a connection reappears.

As a result, if disaster strikes and there is an unfortunate unrecoverable server crash, our technology enables short, simple, effortless steps to full data recovery.

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Enterprise Backbone

Enterprise Backbone

Volanté’s extensive history with enterprises such as Woodbine and UBC demonstrate that it has always been a premium option for enterprise POS software, remaining ahead of the technology curve and allowing you to manage your enterprise efficiently. With a substantial enterprise client base, Volanté understands the challenges faced by modern hospitality enterprises and ensures your POS software can meet – and ultimately overcome – these challenges. This fundamental understanding translates to technology and software that is completely comprehensive.

  • Enterprise backbone – Data is effortlessly synchronized from terminals, to stores, to head office, and back down to terminals.
  • Two-way synchronization – Perform modifications at the store or head office level and synchronize them to the terminals, which gives you the control where you want it.

The enterprise head office database contains a synchronized view of your entire operation, providing you with all the data required to make informed business decisions and with increased capability.

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Innovative 3-tier Architecture

Innovative 3-Tier Architecture

Volanté’s revolutionary point of sale software is based on a 3-Tier Architecture system.

  • Data Tier: This layer consists of database servers, where the information that runs your systems is stored and retrieved. This layer handles data synchronization between the terminals, stores, and Head Office.
  • Business Logic Tier: This layer contains the business rules and functionality, including the transaction processing and peer-to-peer communication. It publishes a set of APIs that are used to integrate, enhance, and customize applications on top of the Volanté software engine.
  • Presentation Tier: This is where your user interface and business logic interact. Volanté’s presentation layer consists of a Web interface, Kiosk, POS, and mobile application and can be modified or enhanced without affecting the business logic of the system – letting you display the information you want, in the method you want, for the customers you want, and on the platform you want.
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Easy Integration & Customization

Easy Integration & Customization

For a system to work well, it must work well with all the other systems that your business is running. Volanté has placed an enormous focus on integrations, by building around open standards and avoiding proprietary technologies.

Volanté provides numerous interface options for your POS software including:

  • Full Access Web services API
  • Customizable Java Plug-ins
  • Direct Database connection
  • Import/Export of CSV,XML files
  • TCP/IP connection and more…

Entire custom applications can be developed on top of the Volanté engine using the open interfaces.

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Ease of upgrade

Ease of Upgrades

Because we want you to spend less time in front of your computer and more time focusing on the things that matter, Volanté has a built in advanced software update system that easily allows your business to stay current with our technology.

  • Effortless and quick – No copying files to multiple terminals or manually running scripts
  • Simple, one button upgrade – Click the button that is conveniently displayed on your main screen, and within minutes, updates are automatically sent to all terminals smoothly