Fresh Corporate Cafeteria POS Technologies to Leverage

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Fresh Corporate Cafeteria POS Technologies to Leverage

For employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, meal times are a brief – and necessary – escape from the stressful grind of the work day. Your ideal cafeteria POS should make use of tools far beyond the register in order to ensure your customer’s corporate cafeteria experience sends them back to work feeling refreshed and content. Selecting the right cafeteria POS will streamline your corporate cafeteria experience by shortening your lines, promoting cashless payments, highlighting your best food options, and personalizing your customer experience.

Here are a few key strategies and tools to bring to your corporate cafeteria that will have customers choosing you over the coffee shop around the corner every single time.

1. Liven the cafeteria POS experience with self-serve kiosks

Self-serve kiosks, offered by Volanté as part of our cafeteria POS solution, represent the future technology for ordering… available today! Kiosks are fun and easy to use, empowering customers to completely customize their orders while increasing your sales. As reported by Kiosk Marketplace, sales from self-serve checkouts are an average of at least 20% higher than sales through cashiers.

Programmable add-ons make upselling extremely easy, and most importantly, are a guilt-free way for customers to add that extra slice of bacon to their burger or turn their fries into poutine! Whether you want the kiosk to do all the work for you, including taking orders and processing payment, or whether you want customers to use the kiosk to place their order and then pay at a cashier-led POS terminal within the cafeteria, self-serve kiosks are an excellent way to revolutionize your corporate cafeteria.

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive self-serve kiosks are simple and speedy to use
  • Elimination of human errors with accurate order fulfillment
  • Increased average ticket size and transaction volume
2. Go cashless to speed up the queue

What better way to make meal time easy and convenient than by allowing customers to pay using their employee badge? You can eliminate the need for staff to bring their wallet and effectively go cashless by implementing declining balance accounts, house accounts, or meal plan accounts associated to your employee’s badges or swipe cards. Search for a cafeteria POS solution that facilitates a variety of options for your employees – allowing them to load their accounts monthly, subscribe to a monthly meal plan, or utilize a payroll deduction module.

Modules like payroll deduction are becoming an increasingly popular way to process cashless payments, and are found most commonly in hospitals and healthcare facilities. When you institute payroll deduction within your cafeteria POS system, employees have what functions similar to a credit account with the balance ultimately being deducted from their paycheck. The goal of payroll deduction and other cashless modules is to save time – allowing employees to quickly and efficiently move through the cafeteria and get back to work.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks associated with cash payment or chip & pin
  • Get employees back to work faster with a seamless badge scan checkout experience
  • Make payment convenient with payroll deduction, declining balance and meal plan systems
3. Personalize the cafeteria POS experience with a CRM module

Implement a cafeteria POS with a customer relationship module (CRM) that ensures that your customers feel valued. A comprehensive CRM that works with your cafeteria POS will reward your loyal customers with discounts and promotions, track and manage their spending habits, and keep dietary information on file. Payroll deduct systems charge cafeteria expenses to a customer’s account and have this amount taken off their paycheck next pay period, enabling a truly cashless experience. Alternatively, meal plans allow customers access to predetermined meal items once or several times a day.

Key benefits:

  • Allow customers to pre-load their accounts and spend as they please
  • Keep allergy and order information on file so customers don’t have to repeat themselves
  • Allow customers to view their spending habits and their favorite food items
  • Program discounts specific to customer types to enhance customer loyalty
4. Make your customer’s mouths water with visual displays

Forget posters and flyers – highlight your chef’s best items through colorful kitchen displays that grab customer’s attention. Change your visual displays daily, weekly, or monthly and make sure that your best meals shine bright with marketing displays as part of your cafeteria POS solution. Visual displays are also great for highlighting combos, promotions, and discounts and reminding your customers why they should spend their meal periods – and cash – at your corporate cafeteria.

Key benefits:

  • Attractive and vibrant digital signage
  • Flexibility for frequent updates
  • Ability to highlight combos and promotions
5. Protect your employees with a highly secure solution

When handling employee information, credit cards, and other sensitive data, it is important to ensure your corporate cafeteria POS places security first. Choosing a POS solution that has security as its highest priority, like Volanté, ensures that your employees can focus on staying nourished, and not worry about who may be trying to access their information. Some of the key security features to keep an eye out for include AES encryption and strong POS terminal user securities and permissions.

Key benefits:

  • Restricted access to sensitive data
  • Latest AES encryption protocols employed
  • PCI certified security standard for POS terminals
Volanté Systems covers your corporate cafeteria POS needs

By implementing some of the many peripherals and solutions offered by Volanté’s POS for corporate cafeterias, you can transform your customer’s cafeteria experience from stressful to simple, boring to brilliant, and inefficient to proficient. Our dynamic self-serve kiosks and visual displays will delight your clientele and keep them engaged.

Volanté’s CRM for cafeteria POS allows your customers to pay using their employee badge or card, with a declining balance account, by payroll deduct, or through a meal plan. By associating employee discounts to customer accounts within the CRM, the manual process of applying discounts is eliminated and customers can rest assured that they are getting the correct discount applied every single time. Whether you run a hospital or corporate cafeteria, Volanté’s cashless modules are an optimum solution to streamline your cafeteria operations.

Reach out to us today to discuss how we can bring your corporate cafeteria experience to the next level.

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